Road Trips

8 ways to explore Madhya Pradesh

From architecture to culture to food to wildlife, see Madhya Pradesh in myriad colours


On the Fringes of the Forest

A peek into the rich culture and traditions of the indigenous Gond and Baiga tribes living on the periphery of Central India’s national parks

A Day at Khamba Village

A community-led rural tourism initiative at Pench National Park allows for a deeper understanding of local communities

On the River’s Edge

Towering marble cliffs and a cable car ride above a thundering waterfall

Take On These Top Eats

Beyond samosas and kachoris, a peek at a fusion of jalebi and gulab jamun, and other uncommon dishes from Central India’s kitchens.


Madhya Pradesh: Trees of Stone

At an under-the-radar fossil park, examine 65 million-year-old trees that have fossilised to stone

Beleaguered Beauty

Burhanpur was once the cultural capital of the Mughals. It’s architectural gems have inspired the Taj Mahal and other iconic monuments

Bagh Caves: Palace of Colours

The endangered Buddhist frescoes of Bagh have been painstakingly conserved

Asirgarh: Doorway to the Deccan

Steeped in legends, a strategically located hilltop fort coveted by generations of rulers


Birds and Butterflies

Beyond the boundary of Kanha’s core zone, children (and adults) can explore the world of butterflies, enjoy nature walks, and spot birds by a lake.

Stars Beyond the Stripes

Across MP’s wildlife parks, a host of tiny creatures, often overlooked by visitors, are the luminaries that contribute significantly to the ecosystem

Madhya Pradesh: Panna National Park

In this beautiful forest and tiger reserve, tranquillity meets the wild

Madhya Pradesh: Wild Wonders

All you need to know for the perfect wildlife holiday