They tell many tales about the

Some speak of a Jimny that once climbed the 5 highest peaks of Africa, including Mt. Kilimanjaro. Others talk about a Jimny that once rescued a newborn baby in Madrid's worst snowstorm. Some even say that a Jimny helped archaeologists dig up 900,000 years of history at The Pit of Bones. There are many such legends about this off-roader. All true.

What stories will they tell about you?

The new 5-door Jimny

Loaded with exciting features

SmartPlay Pro+

Going off the grid was never more pleasant. With the intuitively designed infrared 9-inch SmartPlay Pro+ or the 7-inch SmartPlay Pro, you can create a vibe befitting the terrain.

6 Airbags

The thrill of the ride is only possible with safety on your side.


The Jimny's proven 4X4 technology with low-range transfer gear gives you max torque and traction to conquer the toughest terrain.

LED Headlamps with Washers

Sand, mud, dirt, snow - add a new thrilling chapter to every adventure. The Jimny’s iconic LED Headlamps come equipped with Washers, to give you a clear view of the path ahead.

3-Link Rigid Axle Suspension with Coil Spring

Don't lose the plot even on the deceptively slippery terrain. The Jimny's 3-Link Rigid Axle Suspension ensures increased tyre contact with the surface. So you always stand your ground.

And many more for your future adventures


The Jimny Stories

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