NEXA Jimny: A Ride Inspired By Unforgettable #TrueStories

NEXA Jimny: A Ride Inspired By Unforgettable #TrueStories
The all-new 5-door Jimny. Photo Credit: Maruti Suzuki

The 4th generation Jimny is the stuff of legends and the doer of the impossible. Here's everything about it that proves so

Shreya Cheema
February 22 , 2023
06 Min Read

Jimny is more than just a car. Over the last four decades, it has been a courageous companion for those with an insatiable penchant for adventure. It stands by those who dream of reaching heights rarely scaled before and those unafraid to venture deep into parts unknown. That is how the Jimny has gone on to become a symbol of resilience, determination and the ongoing quest to experience something beyond the usual.  

Inspired By True Stories 

The Jimny has been a part of many tales that have survived time and become legends. One such story hails from Sima de losHuesos, also known as the Pit of Bones, where 900,000 years old human specimens were unearthed. It was Jimny that ferried a team of 300 specialists from over 22 countries across the rocky terrains, muddy pits and narrow passages to reach the place that has come to be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Spain today. 

Another true story of Jimny's unflinching capacity to weather the toughest conditions is when Storm Filomena swept off Madrid in 2021. The Jimny proved to be a dependable even during the worst snowstorm experienced in Spain, as it was used to pull out the stalled vehicle and rescue those stuck in the unforgiving blizzard. Since then, Jimny's saga has become a popular one in Spain.  But that's not all that Jimny is capable of. Amidst the vast African wilderness, a daring adventurer embarked on an epic quest towards greatness. With his trusty Jimny as his companion, he fearlessly traversed across the continent, conquering its five towering peaks, including the majestic Mt Kilimanjaro.  

Make Yours Happen 

If you, too, have been dreaming of your next adventure up the highest peak, into the deep forest or the unknown, the 5-door Jimny is your trusted companion. Its Advanced features make even the most daunting journey an incredible memory. With its Hill Hold Assist function, summiting a peak like Mt Kilimanjaro doesn’t simply remain a dream. The evolved feature keeps the vehicle from rolling backwards even while you shift from the accelerator to the pedal. In addition, the Hill Descent Control feature allows you to control the vehicle’s speed by using the accelerator pedal while approaching a steep descent. They combine forces to ensure that you reach newer heights with ultimate ease.  

So that you don’tmiss out on all the discoveries awaiting at every turn, the ALLGRIP PRO feature provides maximum torque and superior traction. It lets you shift from 2H to 4H easily, and the 4L mode conquerors every terrain like a pro. Its 3-link Rigid Axle Suspension with Coil Spring empowers you with complete control over your vehicle, making you the master of your journey. Be it through muddy paths, unpaved trails and snow-laden roads, a ride in Jimny feels like flying on a magic carpet as it constantly keeps your tyres in contact with the ground.  

For an adventurer, the eyes are always set on the goal. Nothing can come in the way. And Jimny’s LED Headlamps with Washers ensure that. They provide luminosity with unparalleled accuracy and combat any obstacle obstructing your journey, from pesky mud to stubborn snow. This feature ensures that you are headed right towards what you seekWith Jimny, there certainly is no looking back. All there is the zeal to constantly aim higher, dream bigger and write your own #TrueStory for generations to remember. 









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