The Beach Rule Book: 5 Things To Not Do When In Goa

The Beach Rule Book: 5 Things To Not Do When In Goa
A beach in Goa Photo credit: arfabita / Shutterstock

This time when you are in the sunshine state of Goa be mindful and follow the law of the land

OT Staff
March 14 , 2023
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Goa is known for its beaches and there are several rules, and laws in places to ensure that you have a good time. Here is a list of five activities which are banned on Goa’s beaches.

Don’t Cook


You might be tempted to cook on the beaches of Goa to save on the cost of eating out. We suggest you avoid the temptation and make yourselves comfortable at any of the licensed beach shacks and eat and drink to your heart’s content. There law against cooking on the beach, and breach may result in heavy penalties.

Don’t Buy From Ticket Touts

Avoid the ticket touts at all costs. No matter how low the price, or how high your desire to go out into the sea. Many of them are unauthorised and you may end up in trouble with the law. Book your tickets only at authorised vendors for a safe experience.

Don’t Ask For Deck-Beds

Relaxing on the beach on a deck bed, enjoying the breeze sounds like the perfect holiday. However, beware that the government has prohibited the placement of deck beds and other similar items on the beaches without express permission.

Don’t Litter

Goa is the perfect destination for those who enjoy going to bars, and pubs, however, if you have a beach party planned in Goa, ensure that you have the proper permissions in place. Do not leave trash behind, especially glass bottles, which can lead to serious consequences for the injured party, and for you in the form of a penalty by the law enforcement authorities.

Don’t Bring A Vehicle

Try not to emulate the movies, and avoid bringing a vehicle to the beach. Also, you should be aware, that you need to pay road/toll taxes, if you bring your own vehicle to Goa. While renting a vehicle of any kind, ensure that all the documentation for the vehicle is in order, and your own, is in order. Or, be ready to face heavy fines.


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