Flight Cancelled Last Minute? Here’s What To Do

Flight Cancelled Last Minute? Here’s What To Do
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From asking for a refund to requesting an alternate flight, here are all the things you can do if you find yourself in such a situation

Shreya Cheema
January 15 , 2023
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Even if Tom Hank’s “The Terminal” may be your favourite watch, getting stranded in the airport due to a last-minute flight cancellation never feels good. Unless you are in Singapore’s massive Changi airport, which has too many things to discover, from a butterfly and orchid garden to a giant slide. If you ever find yourself stuck in a situation where your flight has been cancelled without notice well in advance, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to ensure you reach your destination. 

Request For An Alternate Flight 


Go to your airline's desk or office. If you need help finding an office, ask for instructions or details about the cancellation at the check-in or airport information desk. The airline is required to give you a new flight to your destination. Many airlines also give you a free hotel room and free transport if the next available flight is the following day. Additionally, you can receive a refund and look for another.

Don’t Stay Back At The Airport 

Being stranded in the airport after learning that your flight has been cancelled is never a good idea. You have two options for an overnight stay: go back to your house or reserve a motel nearby. If not urgent, you can decide to schedule your next flight based on your preferences and timing.

Talk To the Airline Agent 

It is disappointing when a flight is cancelled at the last minute, and sometimes you find out after you've arrived at the airport. You can dash to the airline agents and request assistance if you need it right away. When you learn that a flight has been cancelled, move quickly since the agents can assist those who arrive first. If you wish to go on a different airline and get to your destination, speaking with the agent ought to be your top priority.

Ask For Refund 

You are entitled to a refund for the flight ticket if you are informed of the cancellation of your flight at least two weeks prior to the date you are scheduled to fly. Otherwise, you will be given the choice of a different ticket.

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