10 Places Every Potterhead Must Visit At Least Once In Their Lifetime

10 Places Every Potterhead Must Visit At Least Once In Their Lifetime
Inside Hogwarts Express at the Warner Brothers Studio tour Photo Credit: COO7 /

Tour the world of Harry Potter by taking in these experiences around the world.

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December 22 , 2022
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It has been more than two decades since JK Rowling’s first book on the Boy Who Lived was released worldwide. Here's a look at 10 places across the world that bring alive the magic of the Potter world. 

Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


The Hogwarts grounds may be off-limits for apparition (honestly, Ron, don’t you read?), but we have found you a secret passageway. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is Universal Studio’s gift to Potterheads. Take a ride on a dragon-turned-rollercoaster, go on a Hogwarts tour with simulated Harry, Ron and Hermione, shop for chocolate frogs at Hogsmeade and buy a wand at Ollivanders in Diagon Alley—just don’t get into a fight with Malfoy, will you?

The park is in Orlando, Florida and in Osaka, Japan. Find out more here.

Ride The Hogwarts Express

Who said you need a letter from Hogwarts to take the Hogwarts Express train? Start your journey at the King’s Cross station where the train takes off. Then, take a ride on the Jacobite Steam Train (which was painted red for the movies). Lastly, visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct where the iconic shot of the Express steaming its way towards Hogwarts is shot in the movies.

The Jacobite steam locomotive at Mallaig station linking with Fort William via Glenfinnan

Check Out The Locations

Hogwarts is one place that all Potterheads dream of visiting. Though that might never happen, we can always go to places where different segments of Hogwarts were shot. One can go to Oxford, the place where Harry danced on the Yule Ball or the Black Park where we see the trio and Fangs lurking in the Forbidden Forests. If you are a Quidditch fan, visit the Alnwick Castle where Harry and Malfoy slugged it out for the snitch in an action-packed match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Also, make your way to the Durham and Gloucester Cathedrals where other parts of Hogwarts were shot.

Hang Out At Hagrid's House

Among the hills of Glencoe in Scotland, overlooking the Torren Lochan and the Signal Rock forest was where our favourite giant’s entire hut was set up for the movies. Hagrid’s welcoming abode was surrounded by the lush green forest, which over the years has become a coveted spot. 

Leadenhall Market

Every year, new wizards and witches would go through the congested streets of Diagon Alley to purchase their books and clothes. Leadenhall Market could be called London’s very own Diagon Alley for muggles, and was partly used for shooting in the first film. Take 10 minutes to walk through the place and see if you can spot shades of the wizarding marketplace here. 

Here Lies Dobby

This one’s a little emotional, but talk of Harry Potter is incomplete without his trusted friend and elf, Dobby. In the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Dobby was shown being buried by hand by Harry near the fictional Shell Cottage. This scene has been shot on Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and is visited often by fans to give Dobby, the free elf, socks and flowers.

Walk The Millenium Bridge 

Playing a part in the sixth movie of the Harry Potter franchise, the Millennium bridge is rocked to its core by a gang of Death Eaters marking the beginning of Voldemort’s reign of terror. You can visit this iconic suspension bridge in London, over the River Thames.

Millennium Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral in London

Stay At The Georgian House For All The Feels

Give the plain ol’ hotel rooms a rest, and camp at Georgian House in London. This hotel has a special Wizard Chamber. This almost Hogwarts-like dorm room disguised as a hotel room is hidden behind a bookcase, and has everything a witch and wizard needs— cauldrons, trunks, stone archways. fireplaces, and ofcoursee, a hearty breakfast.

Make a booking here.

Visit An Ancient Bookstore In Portugal

Livraria Lello in Portugal a bookstore conjured right out of imagination—filled from head to toe with bookcases with a grand burgundy staircase that leads to further books. Rumour has it that when JK Rowling was teaching in Portugal, she visited this store and was inspired by its staircase for the series.
The Harry Potter Studio Tour
Go through an original Harry Potter studio tour at Warner Bros. in London. See breathtaking sets, original costumes, and authentic props that were adorned by your favourite stars. Discover the artistry in every stitch of the Wizarding world while you visit the Great Hall and Diagon Alley as well.
People at the Warner Bros Studios London tour, on the sets and among original material from the Harry Potter movies.

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