Did You Know About The Bivvying Trend?

Did You Know About The Bivvying Trend?
Wake up to stunning views, and not a dull tent wall Photo Credit: Shutterstock

You never needed that pesky tent on your camping adventures. A waterproof sack and a sleeping bag are perfect for camping out. That's what people into the hot new trend of bivvying are saying.

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September 27 , 2022
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Bivvying is the most fundamental form of camping. It entails sleeping in a waterproof sack in the wilderness. There is no need to transport a tent. All you need is a sleeping bag and a waterproof bivvy bag. Bivvying allows you to keep your options open. It denotes freedom from the burdensome gear required for camping. You simply select a suitable location and spread out your sleeping bag.

The term is derived from the phrase "bivouac shelter," which refers to any type of improvised temporary campsite. This is a common practise among military personnel conducting scouting or field operations. It typically refers to sleeping out in the open in a bivouac sack (bivvy bag), which is a lightweight waterproof shelter. Think of the bivvy bag is a waterproof liner for your sleeping bag. 


Leave no footprints

All bivvy campers want to minimise their environmental impact. They don't build a fire, cook, or listen to music. Bivvyists say they enjoy going to bed looking up at the stars and waking up to sunrises in the midst of natural beauty.

Do your homework

However, before you decide to go bivvying, do your homework and check the weather forecast. Also, keep in mind that sleep will be sporadic. Bivvying isn't exactly relaxing. Furthermore, it may take some time to adjust to being exposed to natural elements. Choose your bivvy spot with care. Those with a good view are the best. Also, try to stay on relatively flat ground. You could choose a tree as protection to avoid strong winds. Or a rock wall. Bivvying enthusiasts say that camping like this - out in the open - with natural landscapes around you, makes for unforgettable immersive experiences.

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Choose your spot

Keep in mind that not all terrain is good for bivvying. You can only do it in mild terrain, and weather. Or you may land in trouble. Leading Italian alpinist and mountain guide Corrado "Korra" Pesce was bivvying overnight on the descent from the summit of Cerros Torre in Patagonia having established a new route on the east face alongside Argentinian climber and guide Tomás Aguiló when a rime ice mushroom collapsed releasing debris. Poor weather and snow conditions and the inaccessibility of Pesce's location delayed rescue efforts. And he died. 


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