8 Must-Know Travel Hacks Straight Off the 'Gram

8 Must-Know Travel Hacks Straight Off the 'Gram
Travel hacks not only save space but sometimes the day too, Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

Traveling can be stressful because of all those packing hassles, but not anymore. With the right tips and tricks, any such situation can be made easy by following these amazing travel hacks shared by Instagrammers

Srushti Kulkarni
October 12 , 2021
05 Min Read

Gorgeous sunsets, misty summits, and colourful markets—the joy and excitement of exploring a new place is inexplicable. However, getting there is one of the biggest challenges. From planning your itinerary to packing, travel can be a stressful process. If travelling is your passion, then bookmark this article because you may want to keep coming back to it. Packing a burden-free suitcase with these right tips and tricks can save you from dragging along loaded luggage. Here are a few smart packing hacks shared by Instagram users to help you travel hassle-free.


1. Week-long vacations can eventually turn your suitcase into a laundry bag leaving a stale stink. By placing the little scented hotel soaps in your dirty laundry, you can keep the luggage smelling fresh.

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2.  Hotel rooms are famous for not having enough plug points. Carry an extra USB chord if you want to charge more than one device at a time. You can plug your USB chord on the back of a TV into the USB port and connect it to your device. This little trick is very handy in case you forget your adapter.

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3. Are all your vitamins and supplements bottles taking up way too much room in your suitcase? Portion out the pills you’ll need for the entire trip and pack them into a small bottle for an on-the-go pharmacy hack.

4. Travelling to a place where you might end up doing a lot of shopping? No problem, just do all the packing inside of your smaller suitcase and place it inside of a bigger suitcase.

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5. If you are not into reading books on the flight, create a personalised in-flight entertainment unit if your flight doesn't have one. By placing your phone inside a snap-lock bag and hanging it using your tray table’s lock, you can turn your own smartphone into a mini TV screen.

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6. There’s nothing more annoying than digging through your entire luggage for one tiny thing. Luckily, we’ve got something up our sleeves for that too. Store all your small and easy-to-lose items such as bobby pins, safety pins, and earrings in a mint container so they don't get lost in the depth of your bags.

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7. Afraid to cramp up your skincare routine because of your trip? Here’s a quick liquid hack. If you are headed on a short trip, pack all your fancy serums and potions in contact lens containers.

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8. Your beautiful beach hat won’t fit in any of your luggage? Don't ruin it by smashing it in your suitcase. Instead, use a paper clip to hook it onto your bag.


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