A Cloud Kitchen in Delhi NCR for Lovers of the Burger

A Cloud Kitchen in Delhi NCR for Lovers of the Burger
Crunchy Quinoa Burger and Hot Spicy BBQ Paneer Binge Photo Credit: Courtesy Boss Burger

Boss Burger, the new cloud kitchen by Riyaaz Amlani's Impresario Handmade Restaurants, is delivering all over Delhi. Order in today

Prannay Pathak
June 02 , 2021
03 Min Read

Right from the moment it first arrived to the last sip I took of my pan-flavoured lemonade, I kept thinking about that scene in Pulp Fiction. The burger scene, you know?

Messing up a burger should attract strict punishment or at least a hefty fine. But what if there was an award for elevating it to a point that it needs a French epithet? A little while ago, I had the closest Boss Burger—Riyaaz Amlani's latest cloud kitchen—outlet deliver two of them home. The waves had been made about a new burger joint elevating the versatile member of the fast food pantheon in NCR, and I'd obviously heard.


First Bite
We'd asked for Juicy Lucy Mutton and Mutton Ghee Roast, and though I've made quite a few questionable food choices like loving Mint Oreo Shakes for the longest time, but the latter burger more than did right by me. Boss Burger prides itself on its juicy and messy burgers, and Mutton Ghee Roast was a great avatar for this delectable number. The patty—slow-cooked mutton, Mangalore-style—crumbled in the mouth readily and the messiness and juiciness didn't let the bun (a brioche) get soggy. Along with the curry leaf mayo, this affirmed my faith in the choices I make in life. 

Boss's Signature Tenderloin Burger

As for the Juicy Lucy—my folks from South Minneapolis, your baby is in good hands here. The cheese is to die for, and the caramelized onions are good enough to make your taste buds climax. The ingredients used are all fresh, including the buns, which are freshly baked. 

We had ordered the Spicy Pan Pasand Lemonade to wash down the tasty burgers, (à la Jules Winnfield) and I must congratulate Boss for doing it right. I love lemonade and I love paan and now I love paan lemonade, and it is no gulp fiction. The menu does have other, very wacky-sounding, but worth-a-try-each beverage options. The Boss Ka Masala Lemonade promises an unforgettable dash of Indian spices and the Sanskari Mojito combines the sweet fruitiness of the strawberry with the tang of oranges. Or opt for Boss's Chilled Coffee—or, better yet, the True Toblerone Shake. 

There are plenty of options for the sides, too. Try the OG French Fries or the Piri Piri Chicken Wings with your burger. I asked for Boss Style Nachos, which came with salsa, sour cream and cheese sauce, in a really filling portion. The latter fact is true for the burgers, too, which have little salad apart from the regular shredded lettuce. 

An impressive assortment of sides to choose from

We’d Go Back For
Obviously, with so much on the menu (16 burgers), we want to keep going back. But right off the top of our mind, it's the Truffled 3 Cheese Tenderloin and Holy Guacamole! Black Bean Burger that we'll be trying next. Goa-style Masala Fish n Chips and Gooey Chocolate Brownie are great bets for our next "side-kicks". We also want to get two of their special dips—the Sriracha Mayo and Truffle Aioli. 

Remember the award that I mentioned at the beginning? It goes to Boss. 

Did You Know?
Boss Burger is currently operating out of SOCIAL's and Smoke House Deli's kitchens. 

Where: All over Delhi NCR. Just order online

Price: Rs 1,000 for two

Order on: Zomato and Swiggy

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