How to Make Sure Travelling with Pets is a Joy

How to Make Sure Travelling with Pets is a Joy
Tanveer Taj and Priyanka Jena with their dogs, Cruise and Frodo, Photo Credit: Priyanka Jena and Tanveer Taj

On National Pets Day, let this couple of frequent travellers and pet parents tell you the secrets to making travel with your furry friends refreshing and adventurous

Priyanka Jena and Tanveer Taj
April 11 , 2022
04 Min Read

Our pets Cruise, Frodo, the dog, and Noorie, the cat, have been raised to love the outdoors and to live an adventurous life. Just like humans, they too get dull and groggy if they have stayed in the city for too long. Hence, we make it a point to travel out once at least every 15 days. Well, planning trips with pets may seem like a daunting task and through our travel, we hope to change that as there is nothing more refreshing and adventurous than traveling with your pets. India is a pet friendly place and our experience uncover that in the most raw and unfiltered format. 

Here are some simple tips to travel with pets, for when the situation allows to do so. 


Tanveer and Priyanka pose with their doggos during a halt

Plan, Plan and Plan
Think of everything that could go wrong and be prepared with the essentials in your car.  Plan your route, pee stops and book the stay well in advance as not all places are pet friendly, but you will find quite a few which are. So, it is important for you to know where exactly you are going and make sure you are aware of the house/resort pet rules beforehand.

Try and be as self-sufficient as possible
Carry a water canister and a pump. So you don't have to stop and buy water for yourself or your pets. This also makes your travel more ecofriendly as you can easily re-fill your water bottles. Carry enough wet and dry food for your pets and it’s best not to depend on cooked food from the resort. It is a must to carry a well-equipped first aid kit for your pets, stocked with all the important medicines and tools to administer animal first aid. It is recommended to have a basic understanding from the vet of how to give first aid to your pets.

Reindeer antlers for two snappy doggos

Be ready for some adventure 
If you ever come across a hotel/resort that is not safe to stay with pets, it is always a good idea to camp out with your furry friends. Drive out and find a nice, picturesque spot, set up your base, build a fire, get the barbecue going, enjoy the open air and watch your furry kids frolic around. Carry enough food, water, and music to make it a perfect holiday. There is altogether a different charm in cooking your own food out in the wild. Many great outdoor brands are now available in India and they can help sort you out a completely nice stay and a camping weekend.

Choose places that are comfortable and safe for your pets
If you are traveling with a joint family and if camping might not be feasible, then there are loads of beautiful, quaint, pet-friendly properties that suit all budgets all across the country. All you need is to be well researched. We as travelers, always pick places that are family run setups and far from the city and secretly tucked away in nature, to get the best of experience. We avoid big busy resorts and prefer having our quiet family time in nature. This also gives more freedom to your pets babies as they can be carefree and roam around off the leash. And not to miss, make sure you check the fencing of the space before letting your dog off the leash.

Be self-sufficient and you can travel with your pets to most places

Cleanliness and hygiene is a must
Always clean your pet before tucking them in for the night. It is best to give them a quick water wash, especially their feet and snout and dry them with a clean towel after a day out in the outdoors. Also, keep a close eye for any nicks or cuts. Make sure their fur is clean and dry. A basic hygiene routine helps keep them safe from unwanted infections. If you are planning a getaway in the times we are living in, then it is important be doubly cautious. Maintain social distancing, keep your pets, yourself, and the surroundings clean.

Wear a mask at all times while interacting with people outside of your family bubble. If we are responsible, we can still enjoy the bounty of nature with our pets. Just be self-sufficient and plan well. With bucketloads of dog food in your car, a map in hand and a mission to pack plentiful memories, traveling with your furry friends will never disappoint you.

Uncover the never-seen-before side of India with Life off the Leash starring Priyanka, Tanveer and their furry friends. The show goes live on Sony BBC Earth on 31st May, at 10pm.

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