On the Road Less Taken: Off-Roading in Gujarat

On the Road Less Taken: Off-Roading in Gujarat
Here are the best of-roading tracks in Gujarat for all you daredevil riders , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Uneven and challenging tracks, drifting your bike in the sand, hitting unexplored dirt tracks- Gujarat promises a great time for those in a mood for some good ol off-roading

OT Staff
May 02 , 2021
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While most people find bumpy and muddy roads during the rainy season a little dreadful, there are some who wait to embark on adventurous off-roading trips. Gujarat is fortunate to have a diverse terrain, a large part of which remains completely unexplored. Thanks to this interesting terrain, Gujarat has emerged as a sought-after location for off-roading bikers and SUV drivers, who seek thrill in navigating through uneven terrains. Riding on a treacherous, bumpy, muddy and rocky path is what excites these daredevil riders.

Their love for the great outdoors and visiting remote places while driving on unpaved roads bring them to the beautiful state of Gujarat with their adventure junkie friends and fellow riders. For some, off-roading in Gujarat helps them to drive on more challenging terrains like those in Ladakh and Spiti, while for some, it’s just an opportunity to bring some thrill to their otherwise mundane lives.

Some of the most popular off-roading routes in Gujarat include Sanathal, Pavagadh, Aalloa Hills, Ambod, Jasalpur, Polo Forest and Karai Dam. These destinations are frequented by regular off-roaders of Gujarat. Then there’s the Rann of Kutch, which is divided into the Little Rann Of Kutch and the Great Rann. The White Rann also draws off-roaders throughout the year, who come here to conduct off-roading competitions and jeep trails.Youngsters riding through the White Rann on their bikesThe dusty and dry terrain of the Little Rann of Kutch is one of the most exciting and challenging off-roading routes in the country. Hidden clay mud under the dry surface makes this route unpredictable and lends it its surprise element. Off-roading at the Little Rann also offers great opportunities for spotting birds and wild animals, including the Indian wild ass, which is found exclusively in this region.

Another incredible spot for some relaxed off-roading is the renowned Gir Forest, home to the majestic Asiatic Lion. You could use a 4X4 SUV for your off-roading experience in Gir. This trail would particularly attract those who are not into professional off-roading and are just looking for some harmless fun. The 35 kilometre long trail tarts from Bhambhaphod and takes you to the Sasan check post and gives you a chance to spot deers, wild boars, nilgais, sambars and the rich flora and fauna of Gir.Let Gujarat be your next off-roading destinationSindhrot and Jaspur near Vadodara have also become quite popular among off-roaders and offer incredible terrains for bikers and SUV drivers. People also come here with specialised ATVs for an unparalleled experience. In fact, Sindhrot and Vasad are now flocked by off-roaders not only from Gujarat but also from neighbouring states like Maharashtra.

Gujarat is home to some of the most incredible grasslands, salt marshes, dry and arid zones and scrub forests in the country, all of which, serve as great places to take off-roading journeys with fellow adventure lovers. The coast of Gujarat is one of the most-flocked off-roading routes preferred by auto enthusiasts from all corners of India.

So, what are you waiting for? Up your off-roading game and get ready to rule over the tarmac, tracks and trails that the state of Gujarat has to offer.

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