Lavazza's 2021 Calendar Celebrates "New Humanity"

Lavazza's 2021 Calendar Celebrates
This year's calendar was launched by water artist and photographer Christy Lee Rogers,

We caught up with some of the world's leading contemporary photographers to discuss their compositions that made it to the 2021 Lavazza Calendar

Karan Kaushik
February 04 , 2021
05 Min Read

Popular coffee roaster brand Lavazza India recently launched its 2021 calendar. The calendar is themed on the concept of new humanity and features photographs shot by celebrated photographers including Steve McCurry, Denis Rouvre, Carolyn Drake, Charlie Davoli, Ami Vitale and David LaChapelle.  

The photographers were called on to translate their vision of the new humanity into images seen through their own eyes. The result? 13 evocative images for 13 pages, each bearing the words of the message promoted by Lavazza: “This is the good morning to our rediscovered humanity. Let’s live it together.”

World renowned photographer Steve McCurry, highlights the timeless innocence of his childhood, capuring a pensive moment of his daughter as she plays nurse. McCurry reflects on his daughter’s future, hoping that the same standards of humanity we call new will for her eventually be old and that the way she will live, see and experience the world will be a constant tranformation for the better.Steve McCurry's photograph that features in the calendar “I certainly hope to find in her the same joy, the same curiosity, the same love, and the same respect for our fellow humans that we've tried to instill in her. That same humanity that we have come to call ‘new’, and that I hope will have by then become ‘old’,” McCurry says. The photographer has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years had also shot the first calendar for Lavazza in 2015.

In a dreamlike vision of a new kind of humanity, French photographer Denis Rouvre depicts man as one with nature. In the mysterious and almost mystical photo, Rouvre captures an idealistic view of the man of tomorrow, an individual who is free and in complete harmony with the world that surrounds him.French photographer Denis Rouvre's composition A world that is built on a New Humanity, one with a more promising future. “I imagined this new humanity as a return to the origins of the world. A fanciful vision in which man is one with nature,” says Rouvre.

In efforts to urge people to reflect on the ideals of a more sustainable and cohesive future, photographer Carolyn Drake shares a visual reminder that people, nature and society are deeply intertwined. This powerful symbolism of coming together as one - realised in her composition by an interracial couple forming a united statue of vibrant colours and fluid, silk-like materials - is a key to realising a New Humanity.Carolyn Drake's composition is a powerful symbolism of coming together as one “We get caught up in the systems that differentiate and divide people and places. I wanted to make a picture that gets rid of the categories for a moment and stands as a kind of monument or reminder that people, the natural world, and the human made world are intertwined,” the California-based photographer says. 

Humanism and science come together in Charlie Davoli’s depiction of a world in which the two opposing sides can coexist. Davoli’s surreal image awakens viewers to the idea of reflecting on the importance of balancing moral and economic dignity in order to live in harmony with nature and one another.Charlie Davoli’s depiction of a world in which the two opposing sides can coexistHe believes that the greatest vital essences in creating a New Humanity will emerge from the smallest gestures. “All we need is to understand the difference between being the guardians and not the owners of the Earth. To protect this world for those who will come after us,” Davoli says.

Nature photographer Ami Vitale urges his viewers to look at our reflections as part of the landscape and part of Earth in order to realise that “saving nature is really about saving ourselves.” Vitale hopes that this moment will inspire everyone to reimagine their relationship with nature, and hopes that the world will come together to not only protect our health but the well-being of future generations.Ami Vitale's composition in the calendar “Nature has sent us a strong message and reminded us of just how small and deeply interconnected our world is. It is a powerful moment to reimagine our relationship to nature and to one another. We need to take care of this planet and to protect existing habitats,” the Nikon Ambassador, who has traveled to more than 100 countries, says.

Then there’s an artwork by Toilet Paper Magazine, which celebrates people and communities of different shapes, colours and sizes, living in harmony under the same sky. And a photograph by David Lachapelle, who plays on the relationship between the natural world and the human world in the form of a flower against a woman’s skin as they come together as one.Artwork by Toilet Paper Magazine featured in the calendar While a photograph might not change the world, LaChapelle argues that through reconnecting with nature, we as human beings can indeed change the world.

The 2021 Lavazza Calendar celebrates a New Humanity, one in which people open themselves to one another, sustainability and tolerance as we look toward a brighter, more hopeful future. Other photographers who have graced the calendar with their powerful and thought provoking pictures include Christy Lee Rogers, Martha Cooper, Martin Schoeller, Joey L., Eugenio Recuenco and Simone Bramante.

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