9 Stunning Bridgerton Locations to Check Out from your Couch

9 Stunning Bridgerton Locations to Check Out from your Couch
The city of Bath served as one of the main locations, especially for creating exterior shots Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Netflix’s latest Regency-era show is the talk of the town. With season 2 on streaming platforms everywhere, we put together a list of filming locations that you can check out virtually

Nakshatra Shah
January 21 , 2021
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“Dearest reader, the time has come to place our bets for the upcoming virtual travel season”. 

If the Regency-era period dramas fascinate you and you enjoy Jane Austen novels, Netflix’s Bridgerton would be right up your street. Bridgerton has become the current favoured topic of conversation of Netflix loyalists.


A cerebral and sparkly period piece, it is adapted from Julia Quinn’s novels set in London, and it has a voiceover by Julie Andrews (remember Sound of Music?).

While the story of the first season is set primarily in London, much of its locations were in Bath, and New York. Let’s promenade through 9 filming locations from Bridgerton season one that you can visit from the comfort of your living room. While you can binge-watch Regency-era tropes from the comfort of your home, you can also enjoy virtual tours to your favourite stately homes and grand palaces from the show, whether it’s a virtual tour through the Painshill Park or a digital walk across the cobbled spa quarter of Bath Street.

Lancaster House

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Yes, Queen Charlotte’s word is like the word of God for the Ton, but have you wondered where the temple is set? The inside shots of the Queen’s residence, the parlor, hallway and her luxurious bathroom, are taken at Lancaster House. Although the exteriors are shot at Hampton Court Palace, it is the ivory and gold furnishing of the Lancaster House that make for an extraordinary royal abode. The Gentleman’s Club scenes are also filmed at the Lancaster house. Situated at Stable Yard, St. James’s, London, the Lancaster House has been used extensively for filming. It features in Netflix’s The Crown, a section of Sherlock Holmes, and most recently, in Bridgerton. This historic venue was built in the year 1825 by the Duke of York and is now available on hire for private events. Managed by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, you can enjoy a virtual 360 degree tour of the Lancaster House here

Painshill Park

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While there are several terms that has stuck to our memory from the show, 'promenade’ has had an impactful after-effect. Filmed at a sprawling park, the promenade sequence of the Duke and Daphne takes place at the Painshill Park. An 18th century landscape garden, Painshill Park is a landscaped garden that comprises of a serpentine lake, the Painshill vineyard, a ruined abbey, lots of follies, grottoes, a waterwheel and a tearoom. The park was created between 1738-1773 by Charles Hamilton who took his inspiration from Italian Renaissance landscape paintings. While only a small section of the park features in the promenade scenes of Bridgerton, you can enjoy a virtual tour of the entire property sitting at home. Check it out here

Wilton House

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Remember the scene where the Queen first declares Daphne Bridgerton as ‘the diamond of the first water’? That's shot at the Wilton House which features as the interiors of Queen Charlotte’s residence. Built in the year 1543, this Palladian-style country house in Salisbury is used to portray the residences of the Duke of Hastings, Lady Danbury, Queen Charlotte and Duke and Duchess of Hastings. The dining room at the Clyvedon Castle, Lady Danbury’s library, Duke Hastings’ study hall, corridors of the house Daphne and Duke shift to after marriage - it is all filmed at the Wilton House. Regarded as one of the UK’s finest stately properties, this house is open for public tours and there is an annual antiques fair held here every March. Home to the 18th Earl and Countess of Pembroke, this country house is a slice of British history. More here

Holburne Museum of Art

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True Regency-era fashion calls for ball dancing and Bridgerton is laced with good music and neat footwork. Several locations feature in the period drama’s ballroom scenes - like Leigh Court, Bath Assembly Rooms, Guildhall, and the Holburne Museum of Art. The Holburne Museum is located in Sydney Pleasure Gardens in Bath. It was originally designed as a hotel, and it is now Bath’s first public art gallery with an 18th century painting collection, a former ballroom, Sir William Holburne’s collectives and portraits from the Golden Age of British painting. The museum was in one of the magnificent ball dance sequences in the show. It is also shown as Lady Danbury’s residence. Check it out here and here.

Castle Howard

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Duke Hastings and Duchess Daphne’s royal abode after marriage, Castle Howard serves as the exterior for the Clyvedon Castle in the show. This 140-room castle once had its own railway station. It spreads over a large area and is the visual emblem of royal living. Located in North Yorkshire, the Howard Castle has been home to the Howard family for 300 years. While the interiors of the Duke’s Clyvedon Castle comprises of rooms from several stately properties, the baroque Castle Howard with its landscape gardens makes for the impressive exterior. More about it here.

Hatfield House

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The Hatfield House’s Marble Hall is the place where Daphne shared a dance with Prince Friedrich at the Trowbridge Ball. This country house is set in a large park in Hertfordshire, east of England. Built in 1611 by the first Earl of Salisbury, the Hatfield House is a fine specimen of Jacobean architecture. The estate consists of state rooms and gardens spread over 42 acres of land, making it an apt choice for a typical luxurious country-house setting. You might have caught a glimpse of the Hatfield property in other films and shows like Enola Holmes, Rebecca, Sherlock, Shakespeare in Love, Lara Croft and several others. Check it our here.

Hampton Court Palace

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A slice of the history of monarchy, the Hampton Court Palace features as the exterior of Queen Charlotte’s royal residence in the show. It was once King Henry VIII’s favourite residence. Now the Tudor palace is used as a filming location and can also be booked as a wedding venue. It is currently in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown. The palace houses Britain’s oldest surviving hedge maze and is home to a topnotch art collection and exquisite furniture pieces from the Tudor and Stuart periods. Check out the interiors here.

Royal Crescent 

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To mimic Mayfair, London, the show makes use of the Royal Crescent in Bath. In fact, the show uses the city’s grand Georgian architecture as a backdrop in many scenes. It is one of Bath's most renowned landmarks, the Royal Crescent, that the camera zooms into from top when the introductory episode begins with Lady Whistledown’s narration. The Crescent is formed by a row of 30 terraced town homes, where the Ton dwellers’ residences are located in the show. The flat where Siena Rosso (the opera singer in Bridgerton) lives is also a part of the Royal Crescent. Built around 1767-1774, the Crescent is a Georgian building with modifications done to its interiors. The front façade of the Crescent is stunningly uniform. The number one structure in the Crescent’s magnanimous arc is now a museum that has exhibits of Georgian life with historic furniture, pictures and objects. Check it out here.

Chatham Dockyard

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The Chatham dockyard features in several scenes of Bridgerton, the most iconic of which is the boxing ring scene where Duke Hastings, Will, Anthony are seen practicing. Not all boxing scenes take place at Chatham, some are filmed at Normansfield Theatre in Teddington. The interiors of Duke’s friend Will and Alice’s modest residence is also filmed at Chatham. When Lady Featherington takes Miss Marina Thompson for a stroll to the poverty-stricken streets, the set location is placed in the dockyard. Established in the mid-16th century, Chatham was once the Royal Navy Dockyard decked with mast houses and mould lofts. The historic dockyard has also been a part of iconic films like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Les Miserables, The Golden Compass, and more. Check it out here.

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