10 Best Planners and Journals for Mapping Travel Plans in 2021

10 Best Planners and Journals for Mapping Travel Plans in 2021
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Isn’t a journal almost like a relic you tuck your escapades into, and return to through the years?

Urvi Shah
January 20 , 2021
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There’s something comforting about mapping your plans in a journal; condensing moments that cannot be justified by a smartphone into a space reserved just for you. It’s almost like a relic you tuck your escapades into, and return to through the years. Wouldn’t you like to preserve your experiences in a similar way; depart from the humdrum of technology, and translate your thoughts into coherent paragraphs stationed within contours of pages bound by leather, and enclosed with a band that doesn’t divulge your secrets to anyone?

In that case, we’ve handpicked ten planners that you can encase snippets of your life in, and trace your steps back to at the precipice of 2021.

TBC Traveller’s Journal: Crafted For Old-School Journal-Enthusiasts

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Exuding aesthetics charming enough to satiate old-school sensibilities, this leather-bound notebook is a rendition of a concept distinct to Japan. Secured with an elastic-band spanning its length, TBC Traveller’s Journal, birthed by The Black Canvas, mimics a ‘refillable’ system that permits writers to add a series of notebooks to its interiors. Available in 15 varying colours, the journal’s cover finds its basis in an exquisite oil pull-up leather, and features natural markings across its body. When the leather is stretched or pulled, its colour migrates elsewhere, and leaves a lighter impression in some places. This variation in colour, a natural tendency of the material, is accentuated with the onslaught of time. Featuring a pen-loop fastened with a brass-stud button, this set comprises two miniature notebooks, two bookmarks accessorised with brass-beads at their seams, a PVC pouch to insert your cards, receipts, ticket-stubs, and smaller documents in, and a zippered pocket for your passport, money, and items alike. One of the notebooks is embellished with lines, while the other is blank.

A 100% eco-friendly, the books host ninety-six pages, and can be substituted for refills once they’re saturated with sketches, musings, or doodles. A brass paper-clip positioned at the top of the journal facilitates a display of essential documents, and concludes the set. The set is, then, tucked into a cloth drawstring bag, and delivered to you. You can buy TBC Traveller’s Journal from The Black Canvas’ website for Rs 1,500. 

Everywoman’s Travel Journey Diary: A Streak of Femininity
The Everywoman's Travel Journal came out over a decade ago
Tailored for women, this diary functions as your ultimate consultant, and equips you with all the information you require to cruise through a trip. Woven into existence by Ten Speed Press Staff, Everywoman’s Travel Journal includes lined-cum-blank pages, and affords to tourists nuggets of information pertaining to packing, shopping, dressing, security, etiquette, jet-lag, and remedies exclusive to travel-related ailments. A specialist in matters associated with a woman-centred trip, this journal also doubles as a repository in the way that it assimilates a pocket into its fold. You can burrow your souvenirs into the same for safekeeping. Utilitarian in every way, this diary is quite portable, and mothers you to deploy all of your adventures onto its bosom. This journal costs about Rs 1,233, and can be found here.

I’m Outta Here Planner: A Globe-Trotter’s Confidant
The I'm Outta Here journal by Bando
Curated by Bando, I’m Outta Here is ideal for mapping your extensive voyages. Fractionated into comprehensible compartments, this planner deviates from the likes of a conventional journal, and coaxes your muddled plans to metamorphose into a seamless arrangement of elements significant to the success of any trip. Embellished with intricate artwork, I’m Outta Here entails a glossy map-page, a set of travel-stickers, a language-converter, and a series of postcards. Through this planner, you can record every phase of your trip under sections like ‘planning-lists’, ‘notes’, ‘day-to-day’, ‘dreams’, ‘map’, and ‘calendar’. The planner’s three-ring-binder facilitates an addition of souvenirs, tickets, and maps rooted in different parts of the world, while its pink pocket fixated to the back functions as a tuck-in for the rest of your collectibles. Bando’s journal costs Rs 2,590. You can purchase it from this website.

My Travel Journal: Handcrafted for Children
Conceptualised by The Unscripted Life, My Travel Journal transcends mere aesthetics, and rewards children with a sense of admiration, and a dash of knowledge exclusive to their expeditions. Complemented by interactive exercises, a series of stickers, and a set of gratitude cards accompany this travel-bound jotter. Together, these elements culminate in the production of a well-rounded package birthed with the idea of acquainting children with the nuances of a certain place.
A great journal for children
Designed for those between the ages of five and eleven, this journal facilitates a documentation of your little one’s trip as they adventure through unfamiliar spaces, and nudges them out of the role of a passive spectator through a succession of kaleidoscopic pages bedecked with questions, an extensive world-map, and interactive illustrations. Witness what your child’s experience evolves into as they connect with locals to satiate their curiosity, validate acts of compassion with gratitude cards, and develop an aptitude for learning via the employment of strategic techniques. Priced at Rs 499, you can redeem one of these from here

Encounters, A Day-Planner for 2021: Where Paulo Coelho Is The Muse

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This planner-cum-guide, available in Spanish and English, distils Author Paulo Coelho’s wisdom into the scope of 264 pages. Comprising quotes spanning his works, Encounters extends to readers an opportunity to reinvent their everyday lives through his much sought-after musings, and assimilate his words into pursuits, travels, and journeys personal to each of them. Juxtaposed with neatly-lined pages, dramatic illustrations, accompanied by quotes, lend an inspiring undertone to Encounters. Manoeuvre manifestations of The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, The Spy, Adultery, Hippie, Manuscript Found in Accra, and a parade of his world-renowned pieces nestled in the curves and crevices of this planner. Priced at Rs 808, here’s where you can purchase it. 

Travel On My Mind: Stamped With Your Name
The Travel On My Mind journal
Put together by The Messy Corner, Travel On My Mind displays your name on its cover; which is stationed amid a number of travel-related illustrations. Priced at Rs 699, this personalised journal is accommodative in the way that it enables you to scrawl within its bounds absolutely anything that strikes you. An amalgamation of two-hundred ruled-pages, its paper is based in ivory, and conforms to A5 dimensions. You can find it here. Browse through TMC’s website for more journals.

Brown Traveller’s Notebook: A Journal-Wallet Hybrid
This notebook bears quite a resemblance to the aforementioned TBC Traveller’s Journal. Created by Hipsters, this multipurpose journal, which operates as a wallet, organiser, passport holder, personal diary, travel journal, and art journal, comprises a leather-bound cover, and emulates a ‘refillable’ system that allows you to replace your inserts whenever required.

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Sandwiching two notebooks between its single-fold cover, the journal integrates a zippered card-case and an envelope pocket into its scope. The former comprises thirty-two pages, and is made up of 80 GSM Ultra Smooth Writing Paper, while the latter finds its basis in PVC and virgin kraft paper. The notebooks are bleed-resistant, and adapt to a fountain-pen. The package arrives in a reusable envelope-styled box peppered with leather studs. You can buy the journal for Rs 1,000 from here.

Wreck This Journal: Let Off Some Steam, Artist
Canadian Author, Illustrator, and Guerrilla Artist Keri Smith, popular for triggering readers’ creativity through the employment of bizarre prompts ensconced in her books, stitched into relevance Wreck This Journal in 2007 in order to reveal to individuals the essence of the artistic process, and assist them in evading the misery of the dreaded blank page.

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In this journal, she encourages you to engage in disruptive acts without harbouring a semblance of prejudice against the prompts, and conforming to them as per their instructions; for instance, poking holes through a certain page, splattering coffee onto pages, colouring outside the lines, and tossing the journal onto the ground. There’s no ‘correct’ way to wreck your notebook. Act as per your sensibilities, channelize your frustrations in a manner that limits it to the book, and resurrect the artist in you. Buy WTJ for Rs 324 from here.

The 2021 Ultimate Planner: Harbinger of Hope
Chaperoned to the fore by illustrator Alicia Souza, this planner functions as a harbinger of hope for 2021, and celebrates happiness. Complemented by two calendars bedecked with animations, the entire set is presented to you in an illustration-filled box. Accompanied by an unending series of stickers, it features a mini-planner as well.

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The Ultimate Planner, a coalescence of all things practical, headlines the package, and comprises a letter, a note, a habit-tracker, a period-tracker, a goal-tracker, and a multitude of sections predicated on varying needs. Dissected into tabs, it reserves a space for budget-planning, birthdays, daily-planning, shopping-lists, to-do-lists, highlights, and meal-plans among other divisions. The planner entails a bookmark, and a pocket at the back for storage. It also features a pen-loop, along with a band to secure the diary. Each item is reflective of Alisha’s artistic style. Priced at Rs 1,899, this planner is available on Alicia Souza’s website.

Amrutam Wellness Planner: A Spiritual Streak
The Amrutam Wellness Planner
Priced at Rs 965, the Amrutam Wellness Planner is an interpretation of the five elements of nature. Its cover embodies the same, and features a digitally-printed scene that encapsulates the unification of water, fire, space, earth, and wind against a matte lamination. Comprising three hundred pages rooted in 80-95 GSM, the journal houses twelve full-spread illustrations exclusive to each month, monthly dividers complemented by quotes in Sanskrit, a space for your reflections, a weekly-view, daily-log pages, sections designed for doodling/notes, and a bookmark ribbon. You can purchase it from Amrutam’s official website.


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