Germany At Its Breathtakingly Best

Germany At Its Breathtakingly Best
The historic town of Lubeck with the magnificent Holstentor Gate, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Discover the beauty of Germany’s natural landscapes, gardens, views from magnificent castle structures all by yourself

OT Staff
January 12 , 2021
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Germany is a travellers’ delight and an explorer’s quest for natural beauty wrapped with remarkable architecture, blended with landmark places that one might want to visit and revisit. History, culture and nature come together to mutually bless this vacationing paradise. Here are 6 places that are worth exploring if Germany is on your mind. 

Schleswig- Holstein
An  aerial view of Kiel CanalIf the rhythm of the waves rushing and hitting the shore gently, a landscape soaked in nature and accompanied by the sound of birds, is what delights you, the Schleswig- Holstein is food for your soul. The sound of the North Sea, the birdsong, the bristle of wind through the forests, the place has plenty to offer. You can choose to visit the Zoo Arche Warder, North Sea Island Sylt, the Duchy of Lauenburg, and the castles of Schleswig- Holstein. It is nature captured at its breathtaking best.

The new City Hall at Hannover during dusk
Although Hannover is reputed as the ‘garden city’, it is an industrially developed city as well. While in Hannover do not miss out going all the way up to the dome through the arched elevator of the New Town Hall, or exploring the local recreation area of the popular Maschsee Festival. The journey also entails a visit to the Leineschloss Palace, the Adventure Zoo of Hannover, the Nanas, Gottingen Seven and the Schiller Monument. To witness the beauty and magnificence of European garden art, visit the Herrenhauser Gardens. 

Outside the Saarbrucken castle under blue sky
Saarbrucken is the capital of the federal state of Saarland, most often talked about in the historical readings of the World War. While physically going there may not be a possibility now, but discovering it virtually is equally delightful. The tomis guide to Saarbrucken offers you a sensory treat, where you can explore twelve attractions without the help of a city guide, all by yourself. The tomis city map and a smartphone is all that you need to assemble a personalized Saarbrucken tour for yourself, selecting what caters to your unique interest. A few Saarbrucken tour highlights are the Saarbrucken Castle Wall views, Ludwigskirche, the Old Bridge, Saar Crane, St. Johanner Market Square, Basilica St. Johann, the Town Hall and the Collegiate Church St. Arnual. If you like delving deep into history, the Historical Museum Mile at Schlossplatz might be a pretty interesting pick.   

The port of Helgoland
Almost like a water wonderland Helgoland is as breathtaking as you can imagine it to be. There are several sights on the main island that make for absolutely stunning visuals. There are several options to choose from for your Helgoland exploration. The overhead glisten of the sun and the pacific blue all around make Helgoland breathtakingly surreal and a visual treat in totality.

The skyline of Bremerhaven
Seated at the seaport of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Bremerhaven is a mix of historical sights and maritime climate. A visit to Bremerhaven will allow you to explore the night view of Havenwelten. You can also catch a glimpse of the Weser beach and the Willy Brandt Platz. The view of the Museum Harbour is also only every traveller’s bucket list too. 

The charming town of Lubeck
The Hanseatic City of Lubeck, has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Popular for its marzipan industry, Lubeck is a major tourist attraction. You can now take a close look at this city of confections. While here, walk you through the cosy alleys, hidden backyards, the seven churches tower, the famous Holstentor and other old town charms. Want to visit the Niederegger Marzipan, or want to know a little more about the Nobel Prize winners from Lubeck, like Gunter Grass, Willy Brandt, Thomas Mann? You’ll find it all here. The old town charm awaits you!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with German National Tourist Office, India.


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