7 Emerging Travel Trends for 2021

7 Emerging Travel Trends for 2021
Solo travel and short breaks will take precedence over group tours and long haul trips in 2021 Photo Credit:

Solo trips, nature holidays, bubble holidays, shared chartered flights are some of the travel trends that we expect to see as people begin to venture in the new normal era

Uttara Gangopadhyay
January 01 , 2021
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Travel restrictions, safety and hygiene, and distancing rules, have changed the way we travelled before the pandemic hit us. While some old trends, such as solo travel, are gaining preference, there are also new travel trends, such as shared chartered flights, which are becoming popular. Increasingly, people want to visit less crowded places, mix with known people, focus more on local food and culture, and avoid long-haul travel as far as practicable.

Here are some of the trends that are expected to prevail in 2021.


Solo Travel, Co-Living

While solo travel is nothing new, the pandemic situation has made it a preferred choice for many who may not have travelled solo earlier. According to many travellers, they have decide to go solo as it reduces the chances of getting infected, and also gives them the freedom to draw up their own itinerary and schedule. With remote working a part of the new normal lifestyle, solo travellers are finding the flexibility convenient to merge travel and work.

Although it started as a trend among millennials, co-living is also expected to be popular across age groups, especially who want to share cost of living without compromising on their independent travel.

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Going Local, Immersive Experiences

Even though travel restrictions are being lifted, many travellers are not keen to travel long distance yet.  One, with the pandemic still a threat, people do not want to be caught far from home if there is any emergency, and two, the longer you travel, the more is the chance of getting infected. But a trip to a destination closer home, which may be visited by one’s own car or requires a short journey by plane or train, is considered a relatively safe option. Hence, weekend holidays will be popular.

Having cut down on a long itinerary, travellers are getting more time to concentrate on immersive experiences. According to many travel experts, 2021 will see a spurt in travellers seeking local food, architecture, handicrafts, and culture, to spice up their holidays.

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 In 2021, people will tend to visit lesser known destinations over popular ones

Nature and Adventure Sports

Maintaining distancing norms is important in this pandemic situation. Therefore, more and more people are searching for destinations that are tucked away within distant mountains, on little known coasts, or in less visited forests. One of the biggest advantages is that most of these have limited accommodation facilities, which automatically ensures there is no crowding. Besides, many travellers have now realised the importance low-impact eco-friendly travel. Similarly, adventure sports such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, etc. are also expected to be a popular trend in 2021.

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Relaxation, Wellness Getaways

To many, the home, once considered the best place to relax, turned into a virtual prison, as the lockdown continued at a stretch. Hence, destinations that offer luxurious accommodation in tranquil, crowd-free settings, will see an increase in popularity. In tune with this enhanced need for a relaxing holiday, and the added advantage of therapeutic experiences, wellness centres are also expected to see a spurt in popularity.

Wellness holidays to rejuvenate mind and body will trend in 2021

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Bubble Holidays

The concept of a bubble holiday with family members or friends is also here to stay. Simply speaking, you spend your holiday in an exclusive accommodation, with people you know. Many airlines and tour companies are also offering bubble package tours.

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Flying in Style

Air travel is also evolving and we expect two defining trends in 2021. One is ‘lifestyle travel’, where you have a personal space and a common area accessible to a limited number of people. The other is shared chartered flights. List your travel itinerary with a company  or check out the company’s database for any itinerary that matches yours. Private chartered flights even though shared may not be cheap but it definitely cuts down the cost of an exclusive flight plan.

 Exclusive river cruises are expected to be popular in 2021

Exclusive River Cruises

River cruising is an emerging trend that is expected to attract discerning travellers. With a limited number of guests, it offers private excursions far from crowded places. Many river boat companies are also offering facilities to hold small and exclusive events, such as weddings, pre or post wedding events, anniversaries or small corporate gatherings.  

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