7 Isolated Cabins in Sweden to Put on Your Bucketlist

7 Isolated Cabins in Sweden to Put on Your Bucketlist
Representative Image: An isolated cabin in Sweden Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Looking to disconnect with from the world for a while? We've got you covered

Simrran Gill
December 04 , 2020
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'Isolated travel' has probably been the most used phrase in 2020—after 'virtual travel', of course. We might not be able to hop on a plane right now and leave for our next vacay, but we sure can add destinations to our 2021 bucketlist. And if, like us, you are constantly looking to escape the crowds and only wish to wake up to the sound of birds chirping at your window, we suggest you bookmark these 7 Swedish cabins right away. Not just isolated, they are almost utopian in terms of their location and surroundings. You can choose one based on your personal travel style.  

For the environmentally conscious traveller:


Nolla Cabin
Where: Zero Island, Roslagen
The view from the cabin
Located slightly north of Stockholm, Nolla Cabin is a sustainable holiday paradise in the Swedish archipelago on the island of Lidö. The cabin was initially a part of the Zero Island project aimed to make Lidö carbon neutral by working with every aspect of sustainability including food, energy, accommodation, waste and transport. The cabin boasts of a glass with a direct view of the surroundings. What’s more unique you ask? You might not have human neighbours at the carbon-neutral cottage, but there is a 9m2 sea next door.

Stedsans in the Woods
Where: Halland
Surrounded by the Swedish forests
Travelling is just not about the location, it's a wholesome experience. And Stedsans is exactly that. The property is approaching 100% self-sufficiency owing to the forest and the surrounding gardens. All meat and dairy produce come from the region and can be enjoyed at the off-the-grid restaurant where everything is cooked with the help of fire. And if you are looking to spend more than a day here, Stedsans offers cabins and a relaxing spa area by the lake.

For the slow traveller:

Where: Gästrikland
Surrounded only by natural echoes
Think lush greenery, towering pine trees, and only natural echoes. Located a short drive away from Stockholm, in Lake Fjärden, is the scenic Kabin surrounded with nothing but natural vistas. Options are aplenty here. You can choose to soak up the sun on the terrace, forage for berries, plunge into the lake, star gaze whilst lying on a springy bed of moss, island hop in a canoe, fish or light a romantic campfire before retiring to bed. Need we say more?

72 Hour Cabin 
Mesmerising sunrise views
In case you plan on soaking yourself completely in Swedish nature, then the unique glass cabins in Dalsland are what you’re looking for. An hour’s drive away from Gothenburg, these cabins are perfect to experience nature’s calming effect. You can choose to stay on a private island overlooking the Ånimmen Lake, or delve deep into the pine forests. The unique name of these cabins can be traced back to an experiment where handpicked participants experienced 72 hours in one as a way to explore the positive effects nature has on stress levels and wellbeing.

Where: Värmland
The houseboat at Naturbyn
The term ‘naturbyn’ means nature village in Swedish. And the place has been rightly named so. Cabins on land, floating in the water and even up in the trees, they aren’t your average campsite. All you need is perfect book here while unwind in the Swedish woods. And if reading is not your cup of tea, you can opt for activities such as canoeing, swimming, hiking or Naturbyn’s very own sauna.

For the philomath traveller: 

Sápmi Nature Camp
Where: Swedish Lapland
Under the starlit sky
If your idea of a vacation is not just an idyllic stay but also learning more about the area and people, then the Sápmi Nature Camp, owned and operated by a local Sámi family is your calling. The family here encourages you to experience the arctic indigenous life in this Laponia World Heritage Area while experiencing the unique, vast landscapes with unspoiled Arctic nature where Sámi people have lived for thousands of years. The camp consists of double rooms in the form of Lavvu tents, furnished with comfortable double beds and efficient stoves that keep you warm, regardless of the outside temperatures. 

Where: Swedish Lapland
Can you spot the treehouse?
Nestled amid a pinewood forest in northern Sweden, this architectural delight is difficult to spot at first. But once you do see it, it is hard to take your eyes off it. These treehouses are suspended 4-10 meters about the ground. One can choose to stay either in the Mirrorcube, a 4x4x4 meter cube-shaped tree house covered in reflective glass, or the Bird’s Nest, designed to look just like a gigantic bird’s nest. It is here that you will experience and learn more about forest bathing the Swedish way. 

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