What Will Sync Perfectly with that Single Malt?

What Will Sync Perfectly with that Single Malt?
The simply flavourful dhaniya-tamatar shorba,

Narrowed down on that weekend drink but wondering what to eat with it? Read on to solve that predicament

OT Staff
December 03 , 2020
03 Min Read

We are often caught wondering about the perfect food to go with our weekend unwinding drink. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we’ve cracked it for you. We spoke to Asmani Subramanian, the Brand Ambassador at Diageo India to get an insight into what to pair with our favourite drinks. Here is what he had to say:

The idea behind the Singleton of Glendullan range and food is great, it’s a classic Speysider, very approachable and created to be unapologetically enjoyed, the spectrum of flavours are immense, and can be paired with various cuisines, from across the globe. 


Talisker made by the sea is one of the world’s favorite malts. Skye, the home of Talisker, is rugged and windswept, a place of extremes. Talisker captures the spirit of its island home perfectly. Bursting with its famous sweet smokiness, there are surprising yet subtle notes of marine flavours, black pepper, that is rounded with a smooth finish: Talisker is a delicious contradiction.

In India, the country with one of the longest coastlines stretching 7516.6 km touching 13 states and union territories with its provenance, the seafood and heirloom cuisines is adventurous to pair alongside single malts. Kokum inspired from Konkan, spices from Malabar, curry leaves and black pepper influenced from Coromandel, hot pungent flavours from Andhra and mustard influenced from Utkal provides for a pretty adventurous meal experience. 

Pro Tip: Ensure you pair your food with whiskies in a manner wherein neither the whisky nor the food singularly dominates or overwhelms the flavors of the other. Rather they should complement each other and help elevate the experience. 

Talisker 10 YO and Oysters 
The Talisker 10-year-old
Indulge in an unmatched sensory pairing and enjoy Talisker with oysters. The gentle salty notes of the whisky are teased out by the rich sea flavour of the oysters. A maritime combination so evocative it’s like putting a shell to the ear and hearing the sea. The ritual: take a sip of Talisker, eat the oyster, pour Talisker into the shell and drink.

The Singleton of Glendullan 12 YO Paired with Dhaniya Aur Tamatar Ka Shorba 
The smooth, sweet, richly fruity flavors from the whisky compliments the subtly herbaceous, sweet, and  notes in the soup. Offsetting the citrus lime squeeze on the soup. The whisky cleanses the creamy palate, giving a refreshing start to the meal.
Pro Tip: Use more cream to get a lobster bisque-like consistency.

Talisker 10 YO with Meen Eleittad
The scrumptious Meen Eleittad
The delicious, spicy Meen Eleittad from Malabar wrapped and cooked in a banana leaf, goes really well with the Talisker, because you've got that little bit of smokiness in the whisky, as well as some salty and seaweed notes.

The Singleton of Glendullan 15 YO with Kulfi
The delectable saffron kulfi
Chefs these days give their signature twist to classic Indian desserts. Pair this smooth and creamy single malt with a twist on the classic kulfi with almond meringue biscuit and caramelised almonds. The sweet, nutty flavours of this delectable dish marry perfectly with the beautiful and delicate flavours of the spirit. The sweet honey and vanilla notes in the whisky find new depths when paired with this crunchy dessert, allowing the floral elements in the whisky to dance across the palate, leaving behind a wonderful sweet finish.

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