Festive Special: Fabulous Recipes from the Kitchens of ITC Rajputana

Festive Special: Fabulous Recipes from the Kitchens of ITC Rajputana
Doodh Laddoo by Chef Parul Kapoor, Executive Chef, ITC Rajputana, Jaipur, Photo Credit: Courtesy of ITC hotels

We continue our special series #OTFestiveFoods with these fantastic recipes from the kitchens of ITC Maurya, Delhi and ITC Rajputana, Jaipur

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October 13 , 2021
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In this edition of our series on festive recipes, we bring to you a few gems from the chefs at ITC Maurya and ITC Rajputana. 

Recipes by Chef Gaurav Singh, Executive Sous Chef, ITC Maurya, New Delhi


Bajra Aur Gulab Churma

Bajra atta – 60 gms

Desi Gulab – 10 gms

Ghee – 80 gms

Elaichi Powder – 1 gms

Cashew – 5 gms

Bura Sugar – 50 gms

Pistachios – 2 gms

Almonds – 3 gmsBajra aur Gulab Churma by Chef Gaurav Method 
Knead the bajra atta with water and little ghee.

Make roundels and deep fry the same.

Cool it down and grind it coarsely.

Add sugar, cashew and elaichi powder. Finely julienne the rose petals, and mix with the churma.

Serve garnished with pista and almond slivers.

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Baked Gulab Jamun

Khoya – 200 gms

Maida – 30 gms

Paneer – 30 gms

Sugar – 50 gms

Milk – 40 gms

Ghee – 40 gms

Pista – 3 gms

Saffron – 0.25 gmsBaked Gulab Jamun by Chef GauravMethod 
Grate half khoya & paneer finely add in maida. Knead it throughly to make a compound paste.

Make roundels and fry in desi ghee.

Remove when golden brown and put it in a thin sugar syrup.

Now take rest of the khoya and add milk and make rabri.

Put gulab jamun in a bowl and put rabri on top.

Bake it well and add pista and saffron on top as garnish.

Serve hot.

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Recipes by Chef Parul Kapoor, Executive Chef, ITC Rajputana, Jaipur


Khumb ki Galouti

Button mushroom – 400 gms

Brown onion – 10 gms

Onion slice – 20 gms

Ginger – 15 gms

Garlic – 10 gms

Garam masala powder – 15 gms

Rose petals – 20 gms

Saffron water – 10 gms

Salt – 5 gms

Roasted chana dal – 40 gms

Javitri elaichi powder – 15 gms

Ghee – 80  gmsKhumb ki Galouti by Chef ParulMethod

Heat ghee in a copper lagan.

Add ginger, onion, garlic, and roasted chana dal, and roast.

Add sliced mushrooms, salt and rose petals and cook till mushroom tenderises.

Add garam masala, brown onion, saffron water, and javitri elaichi powder.

Mix together and cook for a while.

Cool and ground the mixture into a smooth paste.

Make small kebabs of 25gms each and serve with Ulte Tawa ka Parantha and Akhrot Chutney.

Doodh Laddoo

Sugar – 40 gms

Besan – 250 gms

Milk – 400 gms

Desi ghee – 200 gms

Elaichi powder – 8 gms

Pista – 30 gmsDoodh Laddoo by Chef ParulMethod
Heat ghee in a kadhai.

Heat sugar with equal amount of water in a lagan and add saffron.

Mix together besan and milk in a utensil and strain in hot ghee through a jhar strainer.

Fry the boondi till they attain chocolate brown colour.

Dip the boondi in the sugar syrup.

Strain the boondi out of the syrup and add elaichi powder.

Make laddoos of 40gms each and garnish with pista.

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