The Best of Odisha’s Beaches - Part 1

The Best of Odisha’s Beaches - Part 1
White cranes at the Chandipur beach in Odisha, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

They are a captivating interplay of tan and turquoise

OT Staff
October 29 , 2020
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When it comes to a tropical retreat, Goa and Kerala always tend to take the limelight. But just one visit to Odisha is enough to bust most tourist’s misconceptions about the state. Known mainly for its cultural attractions, it is Odisha’s beaches that steal your heart. An elegant mix of radiant sun rays and roaring sea waves, the magical coast attracts scores of visitors every year. An ideal getaway for those in search of some solitary bliss, Odisha is home to some of the finest beaches in the country. 

“Amongst Odisha’s most outstanding treasures are our several pristine beaches which dot our 482-kilometre coastline. From adventure to leisure, heritage to nature, our beaches offer a fascinating bouquet of tourist experiences. It has been our endeavour to transform beach tourism in Odisha into vibrant long- duration vacation destinations through innovations like the recently concluded Marine Drive Eco Retreat. We have also embarked on some watershed mega- tourism projects such as the Shamuka Beach Project and Puri-Konark Marine Drive Beach Development, which will mark Odisha’s presence among globally sought-after beach destinations,” says Mr Vishal K. Dev (IAS), the Commissioner & Secretary (Dept. of Tourism) at the Government of Odisha.


We’ve compiled a few that will leave you spellbound. 

Here is the first part of the best beaches in Odisha to visit:

Talasari Beach
The hued Talasari beach
Located in the Balasore district of Odisha, Talasari is a virgin beach surrounded by cashew and coconut trees. Considered a fisherman’s paradise, the little red crabs here add on to the charm. If you’re a sea-food lover, then the few shops along the fishing port are not to be missed, where they whip up a delectable crab and fish preparation in true Odia style. About 10 kilometres from Digha, this beach destination does not experience the typical tourist rush. The Talasari Beach gets its name from ‘tala’meaning rhythm and ‘sari’ meaning row. The nearby Subarnarekha River and the mangroves of Bichitrapur accentuate its appeal by a few notches. 

Chandipur Beach
Up close and personal with the red ghost crab at the Chandipur beach

Standing out from the rest, the Chandipur beach has a unique low tide phenomenon. During low tide, the beach recedes upto 5 kilometres unearthing the sea bed. As the waves recede, it provides an opportunity to take a walk on the sea bed. However, one needs to be careful as water might come rushing during high tide. The beach is also home to a unique biodiverse eco system, including horse shoe crabs, star fish, and sea urchins. You can grab a souvenir back at the Sunarpur Chowk and engage in a hearty meal including fresh crabs and prawns that the local restaurants here offer.

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