#TravelEssentials: Gearing Up For Monsoon Travel

#TravelEssentials: Gearing Up For Monsoon Travel
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To pack or not to pack, that is the question

Roshni Subramanian
July 19 , 2020
05 Min Read

The sporadic downpour is a great relief from the scorching heat. But it brings with it its own share of problems. Let’s be honest here. It’s true that monsoons in India are accompanied with inky clouds, lush greenery, and abundant freshness in the air. But travelling during this off season can be a bit of a pain. Well, we do beg to differ. The perks of hitting the road during this time of the year are far too many, and there’s nothing like light showers, that bring life to the most banal of cities. So, if you’re looking to finally embrace that monsoon sojourn, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Make your vehicle monsoon ready


Vehicle Insurance

Driving in India takes a lot more than just maneuvering through driveways and alleys. It’s a mastery that not many manage to accomplish and when you do, there’s nothing like it. However, when it comes to driving during the monsoons, it's a different ball game altogether. While it’s hard to resist the charm of the first showers that turn the hills green, the slick, wet roads are definitely a nightmare. That’s when the safety of your vehicle becomes imperative. From tyre treads getting worn out to possible damage to the engine, battery and brakes, monsoons can pose a number of challenges to the vitality of vehicles. A third-party motor insurance provides a 360° protection against damages caused due to waterlogging, flooding, and other factors

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Waterproof Your Devices

The boon and bane of our existence, the tiny screens in our pockets, more often than not mean the world to us. But that hiking trip during the monsoons can cause more damage to your phones and even your cameras than you can think of. While foam and plastic might save you from everyday disasters, the little pouches of silica gel can come in handy when you’re on the go during monsoons. These act as dessicants and suck up the ambient moisture. Load up packets of silica in a ziplock to make an instant travel gadget

Stock up on gumboots to avoid getting drenched in the rainRight Footwear

This one is non-negotiable. Wellington boots, gumboots, rubber boots; pick your weapon of choice. Since the trail might be slippery, footwear appropriate for hiking and trekking is a must. You might want to leave your fancy, expensive footgear back home, as they might be at risk of getting covered in muck. This can also be the time to channelise your inner fashionista. For those who aren't particularly outdoorsy but still would like to venture out, a selection by Crocs is the way to go.

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Water Resistant Backpacks

Monsoon travel requires you to pack right. Your regular backpack might not stand the test of heavy downpour. A waterproof travel bag with welded seams is your best bet for the monsoon trek. With a number of zippered inner pockets and a durable outer material, these backpacks make for a utilitarian hiking pack and work fine against rain, snow and the occasional unexpected detour into a puddle. 


Being outdoorsy comes with its own perils. While nature trails and monsoon treks are hard to resist for pluviophiles, the itchy bites might dampen your spirits. While carrying a first-aid box in case of an unprecedented emergency goes without saying, arm yourself with creams, sprays, patches, gels and any other repellent you can get your hands on. Since mosquito-borne diseases are rampant during the season, keeping an insect repellent handy will save you from tons of trouble.


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