Hidden Himachal: A Guide to Thachi Valley

Hidden Himachal: A Guide to Thachi Valley
Many apple orchards dot Thachi Valley, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If you are looking for a quiet vacation in the Himalayas, you might want to try the stunning Thachi Valley

Upasya Bhowal
July 14 , 2020
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Quaint mountain towns, thick forests and towering peaks, Himachal Pradesh is a paradise if you are looking at immersing yourself in the best of nature. However, most people head to the usual spots in the state (think Dalhousie, Rohtang, Manali or Spiti).

Some of the more adventurous travellers have stumbled across beautiful, lesser known valleys which are ideal for a quick escape into the lap of nature. Such is the case with Himachal’s uncovered gem – Thachi Valley.
Also known as 'apple county' because of its numerous orchards, the valley is located in the Seraj region of the Mandi district.


A two-hour bus ride away from Aut will take you past expansive apple orchards and fields of maize.

The most popular trek here is the one that leads to Chanjwala Peak. It is a long stretch but is dotted with multiple other tourist spots where you can lounge around for a while.

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Unlike other hill stations where treks begin from a specific point, at Thachi you can start right from the doorstep of your hotel or homestay. The first stop here is the Bithu Narayan Temple. Located very close to the local bus stand, this temple holds the Fagli festival once every four years. It is a seven-day event replete with traditional customs, and music and dance. From here, a spell of hiking will take you to the next stop.

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This trail snakes its way through numerous apple orchards and terraced fields to finally lead up to the Hadimba Temple. Located on a peak and surrounded by lush green forests, the view from here is breathtaking. This pagoda-style construction sits atop a grassland and is a great example of splendid Himachali craftsmanship.

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With scattered deodar trees all over, the Chanjwala Peak stands at 9,800 ft. It is about 5km from the Hadimba temple and the entire trek, including the descent, spans almost a day. Since it is not a thriving tourist spot yet, there are no cafes or Maggi points on the way. In fact, the only source of water here comes from melting glaciers so it is advisable that you carry enough water and snacks to last the trip.

Another unique place to stop by is the Ropa Temple. With slate stone roofs mounted on wooden columns, this unique temple complex sits amidst cedar forests and is a quiet, secluded place.

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On your way back, you can trek through Kau village and check out the traditional Himachal homes there. If your guide has contacts here, you can also stop by at a home and enjoy a simple lunch.

If you have another day to spare, don’t forget to visit the Beed plateau. This is a high altitude meadow and while you are hiking your way up, you can make pit stops at various ponds and waterfalls. The most famous among these are the Gaunbeed and Ashu Alli waterfalls.

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Although it is open all year round, the ideal time to visit Thachi is during August because this is the apple ripening season in the orchards. If you want to experience snowfall, you can also go there during winter.

There are'nt many hotels or homestays available in the area so you must call ahead to book a room or a cottage. Most of the accommodation here is very simple, so do not expect too many amenities.

While Thachi is an excellent place to go solo tripping, it is always advisable that you find a guide for your treks. This is because the place is unlike other commercialised hill stations. If you get lost, you may have a difficult time finding your way back.

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