Hills, Homes and the Haunted

Hills, Homes and the Haunted
The Dow Hill School is rumoured to be haunted , Photo Credit: Boudhayan Bardhan / Shutterstock.com

These spooky destinations in India’s hills make for eerie holidays

Upasya Bhowal
June 10 , 2020
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If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and have a thing for the supernatural, then you probably take special delight in visiting places that are rumoured to be haunted. Even the biggest or busiest cities will have at least one place that is believed to be possessed by spirits, and locals will tell you to avoid it, especially after dark. However, the thrill of the haunted goes up a few notches when it is a place nestled among quiet hills and tall trees. If you thought such places exist only in horror story compilations, then think again, because we have curated a list of four such spots located in popular hill stations that are said to be the playground of the ghosts. 

Dow Hill
Often called ‘The Land of Orchids’, Kurseong is a beautiful hill station in West Bengal that is famous for its breathtaking views. However, it is also a very common spot for paranormal activities. For instance, locals have reported seeing a headless boy disappearing into the woods in this area. People often experience eerie sensations, like the feeling of being followed or watched. There is a school, which is very close to the woods where some have reported hearing loud footsteps or whispers from December to March, when the place is officially closed.


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Morgan House
A view of the picturesque Morgan House, KalimpongDespite being a very popular tourist destination, a lot of people do not know about this haunted house in Kalimpong. It was built in the 1930s to celebrate the wedding of the Morgans. However, Mrs. Morgan died a premature death and her husband left the house soon after. While nobody has seen the ghost of Mrs. Morgan, visitors and locals havee reported hearing high-heeled footsteps down empty corridors in this house. Locals believe it is because she was tortured by her husband before her death that her unhappy spirit could not leave the house.

Charleville Mansion
A side view of the Charleville Mansion

This house has earned the tag of the ‘most haunted house’ in Shimla. The story of this mansion begins with an army officer who wanted to test for himself if there was a poltergeist in the house. He locked the room where most of the haunted incidents happened. One night, upon hearing a large crash from the room, he opened it to find that everything had been completely shattered. He left the mansion soon after. Next came the Bayleys, who even after hearing such stories wanted to move in as the rent was quite low. One night, as they were out for dinner, their servant saw Mr. Bayley in a room. When he asked his master if he wanted something, the latter did not answer and left the room through a closed door. What is curious about this place is that despite all the paranormal activities, there have been no reports of violent incidents in the house. Locals still believe that ghosts of many Englishmen roam the house.

Barog Tunnel
Barog Tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla RailwayAlso known as Tunnel no. 33, this stretch on the Kalka-Shimla railway is believed to be haunted. Legend has it that a certain Colonel Barog was made in charge of constructing the tunnel in a given time. Owing to some miscalculations, he could not meet the deadline and was not only fired from the post but also humiliated by the workers. Soon after that, he shot himself. The tunnel was constructed 1km away from the original spot and the government tried to seal the old one. However, the lock was broken every time. There are stories about how the spirit of Colonel Barog roams the tunnel and, occasionally, even strikes up a friendly conversation with an unsuspecting individual.

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