The 6-step Guide to Getting Out of Your House

The 6-step Guide to Getting Out of Your House
Take a note of what to keep in mind while stepping out , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

As restrictions across the country ease and people prepare to get out of their house after months of lockdown, we give you pointers on what to keep in mind. Because, as WHO reports state, the risk of infection is greater now more than ever

OT Staff
June 09 , 2020
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While malls, restaurants, religious places might be gradually opening up in the first phase of unlocking, coronavirus is still very much present. Even though getting out of the house is an option as per government mandates, it might not be the most ideal time do so. The pathogen is at its all-time high at the moment, and new cases keep getting added to the tally. However, in case you do decide to step out of the house here are all the ‘rules’ you need to follow to avoid contracting the virus:

Stay alert
With the number of cases surging by the hour, the pandemic is far from over. And as more people come out of the house and get closer, new wave of infections might be around the corner. Getting out of the house and not wearing a face mask is not an option any more. Before you step out of your main door, make sure the mask is intact. Also, avoid fidgeting with the mask every few minutes, thereby avoiding touching your face/eyes repeatedly. In 2020, sanitisers are as essential as a water bottle in summer. You need to keep one in your bag, always. Be mindful of the surfaces you touch. Avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces such as grills while climbing the stairs, and leaning against poles, cars etc. 

Limit your exposure
Avoid touching products that you do not intend to buy 
Grocery shopping might look like an adventure right now, but avoid being the risk-taker here. Even if you do decide to get to the nearest grocery store inside a mall, make sure your experience is swift and efficient. Physical distancing is the first and foremost step. Also be mindful to not touch the aisles or products that you do not intend to buy. Enforce physical distancing even if others don’t. Steer clear of places where there’s even a tiny bit of crowding. 

Use your knees, feet, elbows
We often undermine the use of our feet, knees and shoulders. Instead of using your hands to open the door, use your feet. A lot of places have also moved to using sanitiser dispensers that pumps it out using the foot. In case you have to take an elevator, press the buttons using your knuckles or elbows rather than your fingers. Or use the end of a thick pen (or even a new toothbrush) to do the task. 

Watch where you put your stuff
Disinfect your phone with wipes when you get home
In a normal world it would be completely okay to put your phone or bag on a counter while you pay your bill. But in 2020, it could be a high risk activity. Be mindful of where you keep your devices or bags. Counters, floor or surfaces that are exposed to other people can be contagious zones. If you can, avoid using your phone altogether while outside. In case you do have to keep your phone down, place a clean tissue on the surface. Or encase it in a plastic cover. You can also disinfect the phone using wipes as soon as you get back home. 

Avoid cash transactions
Anything that involves passing or exchanging items (for instance, money), is highly contagious at this time. As soon as you make your next purchase, make sure to avoid handing over cash.  Instead, use an app-based or a QR code-based transaction method. Also avoid signing receipts of transactions made via the card. If cash can’t completely be done away with pay a weekly (or fortnightly) sum to your vendor, instead of transacting daily. 

Disinfect surfaces
Use an alcohol based sanitiser to disinfect car door handles
As soon as you get home, head for an elaborate hand wash with soap. Post that disinfect surfaces such as door knobs you touched, car door handles, keys and wallet amongst other things that you came in direct contact with. Whatever stuff that you have brought from outside, let it sit for a minimum 72 hours before you use it. Dispose off all plastic packaging and wash your hands thoroughly after that. 

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