Taipei's Quirky Themed Cafes

Taipei's Quirky Themed Cafes
Modern Toilet Restaurant; the strangest place on the list, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Experience Taipei’s quirky collection of themed restaurants and cafes

Siddharth Ganguly
May 17 , 2020
07 Min Read

A bustling metropolis in the heart of Taiwan, the compact city of Taipei does the 'urban tourism’ experience quite well. Its busy streets and night markets showcase a bustling city life. Food is a major draw here with eateries providing a variety of cuisines at affordable prices without compromising on quality. But there exists another side to the culinary culture of Taipei, its vast collection of quirky ‘themed’ restaurants and cafes. Here are a few that caught our fancy.

Central Park Cafe
Yes, the name gives it away. While the decor may not be an exact replica of Central Perk from the show, it's chock full with references and nods to the Manhattan bar-turned-coffee shop, as well as the endearing cast of characters. A collection of art from the show, the famous couch, and, of course, Joey’s stuffed penguin pal Hugsy are all scattered around the cafe.
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The cafe's menu is loosely themed around the show’s charactersGunther’s page for the coffee, Phoebe's for healthy teas, and ‘Joey Doesn’t Share Food’ for hearty and meaty sandwiches.
Oia Cafe
Oia Cafe takes the trend of animal cafes a step further by doing away with the usual dogs and cats in favour of two alpacas. Upon entering the cafe, patrons are given free carrots which they can use to try and lure the goofy creatures to their table for a picture. But be warned, alpacas will eat anything not nailed down, so be mindful of your possessions.
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Modern Toilet Restaurant
Taipei offers an experience that no one on Earth has ever asked forhaving a meal out of a toilet bowl. Enjoy a drink out of a urinal or a swirl of chocolate ice cream out of an Eastern commode at the Modern Toilet Restaurant which pushes the meaning of the word ‘quirky’ as far as it can possibly go.
Can you stomach some simple chocolate ice cream?

A-380 In-Flight Kitchen
This themed restaurant seeks to achieve a lofty goal—recreate a meal inside an aircraft. The decor is a replica of an Airbus A-380 cabin, one of the most spacious passenger aircrafts in the world. Servers are dressed as flight attendants, and there's a ‘first-class’ area for customers with reservations. Diners sit beneath white overhead compartments with oval windows, and meals are served on plastic trays. Luckily, there’s more on the menu to choose from than simply, ‘chicken or fish'.
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BRICK Works Cafe
A cafe dedicated to all things Lego. The decor includes furniture shaped like various Lego blocks, cushions and throw pillows with Lego figurines emblazoned on them, and a massive collection of Lego displays which are available for purchase.
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The Lego theme is carried over to the foodfrom cupcakes with small, edible Lego bricks on them, to a signature ‘Lego waffle’, fashioned in the shape of a Lego figurine. This cafe-cum-toystore is certainly a wonderland for both kids and those who are still kids at heart.

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