You Can Step Into The Land Of Giants from the Comfort of Your Couch

You Can Step Into The Land Of Giants from the Comfort of Your Couch
Landscape of Giant's Causeway trail in Northern Ireland, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Did you know? The Giant's Causeway has been called a portal into Earth’s most ancient past

Nikita Nikhil
September 19 , 2021
04 Min Read

The Giant's Causeway is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known natural wonders. Located on the gorgeous Causeway Coastal Route in County Antrim, this place is known far and wide for its hexagonal interlocking stone columns of layered basalt. It is a tourist hotspot and the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. And now, thanks to digital tech, you can enjoy these stepping stones stacked on the Causeway coast from the comfort of your homes.

The National Trust for Ireland is offering a 360-degree panoramic tour to the Giant’s Causeway. The virtual tour showcases the Grand Causeway, Aird Snout headland and the Giant’s Port at different times of the day and seasons.

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The origin of this causeway has always been a toss-up between science and mythology. Those following science argue that the landscape was formed 60 million years ago by cooled molten lava crystallising into almost 40,000 interlocking hexagons. Then there are the locals who believe that the causeway is a product of the rivalry between two giants, Bennandonner in Scotland and Finn McCool in Ireland. 


Since you're not there to decide which way you swing, just soak in these stunning shores with a virtual tour.

Start by taking a beautiful summer morning tour at the Giant’s Port (Port Noffer). You’ll see the sun rise over a calm sea while embracing the Giant’s Loom. Then take a 360-degree sweep over the pretty bay that lies on the sheer green foot slopes of the Causeway Coast. To enhance your experience, be sure to turn on the sound effects icon. The sound of gentle waves and gawking seagulls will wash over you in an immersive experience.

To get a clear understanding of the columns and how they would have seemed like stepping stones across the sea, head over to the tip of Grand Causeway which shows the dreamlike coastline in the background. Zoom in and out using + and – keys on your keypad to closely observe the shapes of the columns.

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Get a wider perspective of the whole scene by going on top. Aird Snout is the headland which portrudes from above the Grand Causeway. Witness the pink and white wildflowers that push up between the stones in spring, amid the rugged beauty of the hillsides.

Finally, end your tour at sunset. Get to see the tightly packed stone columns flushed with an orange glow as the sun goes down.

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