The World of a Solo Woman Traveller in India

The World of a Solo Woman Traveller in India
Women bloggers give us a glimpse of their adventures, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From travelling with pets to traversing countries as a vegan, these women travellers give us an insight into their trips and what it is like to be a female globetrotter

Sahana Iyer
August 02 , 2021
12 Min Read

Living out of a suitcase can be exciting and adventurous, and many people decide to share their endeavours through the written word or video documents. These Indian women travellers have seen highs and lows (quite literally) and have exposed their stories for the world to view and learn from. They tell us what have they experienced and what is it like being an Indian woman who loves to travel. 

Alka Kaushik


Alka Kaushik (LyfInTransit)

Have you come across travel blogs incessantly repeating the same words related to travel? Not at LyfInTransit. A jack of many trades, Alka Kaushik started blogging in 2011. In a sea of English blogs, she decided to go a different route with a Hindi travel blog. Where many spent time marketing their content, Kaushik focussed on diligently documenting her trips. She started receiving eyeballs when she began posting about her trips to unusual destinations—Siachen Glacier, Harappan site of Dholavira, Askot to Arakot Yatra. Her work caught the attention of the editor at Dainik Tribune and soon, she was writing for them as well. Her content is clean and poetic, while still maintaining high quality information.   

Any travel tips?

“It’s very important to research about the area beforehand. Ask around, do your homework, and do not hang around suspicious looking people or places. I always carry an uber dose of confidence and a smile. And I wear a saree on trips, it conveys a message beyond what I have to say.”

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?

“That life is for experimentation and the world is your lab. Tread confidently, leave your fears and hesitations behind and just follow your passion. After all, you only live once!”

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star)

Many people sit at their office desks, dreaming of a life full of travel and adventure. In 2011, Shivya Nath decided to act upon her dream and left her corporate job for a life on the go. Her blog focuses on offbeat and local experiences that she seeks, and also provides tips. But what sets her blog apart is the emphasis and understanding of travelling across the world with a vegan lifestyle.  “Travelling and documenting my travels, while also shining the spotlight on sustainability and veganism is my life now."

Do women have representation in the travel space?
Much of the online travel space is still dominated by men or western women. Women of colour, especially from this part of the world, are a very tiny fraction.” 

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?
Just like with everything in life, don’t let anyone tell you that your travel dreams are stupid, impractical or unachievable.” 

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A post shared by Mridula Dwivedi (@mridulablog) on Nov 30, 2018 at 11:01pm PST

Mridula Dwivedi (Travel Tales From India & Abroad)

The internet has taken over our lives in the past few years, however there was a time when blogs were new to the market and gaining traction. An early bird to the game, Mridula Dwivedi joined the scene in 2005. She followed in the steps of her sister and brother-in-law. “In those days it was a tight-knit community, everyone knew everyone else!”, she says. Dwivedi has been documenting her travels around the world for years and built up quite a bank. For those who would like a veteran’s opinions on a wide range of destinations, this is certainly a blog to consider. 

Any tips with a safety angle?

“I would research a place beforehand. I would make sure that my arrival is in daylight if it is a new country for me. I would watch for local women. If they are around usually the place is alright but if I see no local women around, I would get out of that place!”

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?

“I would say don't follow the trend, follow your heart! There is no correct way of traveling as long as we are sensitive to local traditions and environment, every style of travel is fantastic!”

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A post shared by Divya (@dugardd) on Mar 7, 2020 at 6:58am PST

Divya Dugar

Having a companion to share your travels with can be very enjoyable, especially when you bring along your best friend. Journalist Divya Dugar took a different (some may say better) spin on this and began travelling with her dogs—Marco Polo and Tigress. Around two-and-a-half years ago, Dugar and her husband lost their dog Pondi. That sparked the thought in her to not take pets for granted, and give them an adventure of a lifetime. So with her dogs Marco Polo and Tigress, she set out on her own journey to Goa. Her travels have caught the attention of many media publications, who have been curious about the different lifestyle one can lead with a non-human travel companion. 

What’s it like travelling with pets?

“When you travel with a pet, everything is different. You can’t go sightseeing or to certain restaurants. You have to make your own route and that made things really exciting. There was a sense of wonder. After Goa, we have done over 52 train journeys across the country. We went to little destinations, small hotels, incredible people who share the same passion and we were met with so much kindness on the road which I never expected. That’s how travelling changed for me.” 

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?

“Every woman should do a few solo trips here and there to spend time with themselves. And if you are a pet parent, please travel with your pets because it’s definitely a great way of seeing and experiencing a space which is completely new in India.”

Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha (Anki On The Move)

This one is for those who enjoy photography and visuals. With a beautifully designed award-winning blog, Ankita Sinha creates content regarding destinations, cultures, and even fashion! You can also find very interesting interviews with locals. A former technology professional, Sinha dove head first with an 18-day tour, traversing over 5,000 miles in India. Her blog focuses on bringing several aspects of travel and people behind the scenes to the forefront. Eight years into this endeavour, she has bagged recognition from several publications and also hosted her own TED talk.

Some lessons you have learnt while travelling?

“The biggest lesson I learnt during my travel was to keep my family informed especially if I am on my own. I have also learnt how to make myself more organised. I pack less luggage when I travel now. I also have hard copies and soft copies of most of my stuff. I also have learned to self sustain myself and be positive in tough times.” 

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?

“Be bold. In this time and age, where we are so well connected, and the flight prices are reasonably good, there is no reason why your itchy feet must stay on the ground. Level up, fly and find a way to make your wishes come true. Take your call and let that free bird (that every woman has within) wander.”

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A post shared by Lakshmi Sharath (@lakshmisharath) on Jan 25, 2020 at 10:23pm PST

Lakshmi Sharath

Another seasoned blogger, Lakshmi Sharath started her blog way back in 2005. She firmly believes that the content must revolve around storytelling about the culture and locals. She plays the role of an observer and not the subject. Her blog has won several accolades. With over five continents and 50 countries in her portfolio, her content is well-rounded and informative. “Travelling is such a humbling experience. You realise that you are just a speck in the vast humanity of people you meet. And you learn to blend with the atmosphere. Most importantly you learn that it’s not all about you."

Any travel tips?

“There are very important things, like you need to know the lay of the land, you need to know that you can trust your gut and instincts. You need to blend in. And this is so important because in today’s age, everybody wants to flaunt their travels and themselves. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun, but you should be sensitive to the environment.”

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?

“Focus on sustainability. Climate change is real. Don’t carry plastic as much as possible; recycle and reuse. And just be sensitive and respect culture. I think we are too consumed with ourselves and our opinions.”

Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel 

Who said travel only consists of serious conversation? Beyond culture, heritage and landscapes, Kritika Goel’s YouTube channel and blog take a new spin on personal travels. She has some pretty unique concepts such as ‘How to take pictures while travelling alone’ and several shopping hauls with different themes. She has been posting videos on YouTube for three years now and has documented her travels to places in and around India—Varanasi, Kerala, Goa, Vietnam, Thailand. Fresh and vibrant, her fun personality peeks through on her blogs and vlogs.    

Any travel tips?

“I carry multiple copies of my travel documents when I am traveling internationally and also have digital copies saved on my phone. You should always research the weather conditions in the place you are traveling to and pack accordingly.”

A Women’s Day travel resolution for all?
I personally feel every woman should experience solo travel at least once. It could be as basic as spending one day solo on a family trip, or even taking a day to explore your city by yourself, but it’s truly an empowering feeling and something I wish everyone would experience.”


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