10 Unique Women Travel Vloggers You Must Follow in 2021

10 Unique Women Travel Vloggers You Must Follow in 2021
These solo woman travel vloggers will give you an insight into the travel space, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

These travel vloggers cover everything from travel tips and advice, to destination information, even blending in humour and quirk at times

Sahana Iyer
January 05 , 2021
09 Min Read

The internet has exposed us to destinations across the globe. You can now travel the world without even stepping out of your bed, thanks to travel vloggers. Capturing the essence of locations, the culture, the food, personal experiences and much more, travel vlogs allow us to be educated about places on a grassroot level. And what better way to gather tips and tricks for your next adventure than by hearing about it from someone who has been there, done that? We have curated 10 women travel vloggers who are killing it online, and giving us major travel goals. 

Eva zu Beck

France, Italy, Vietnam, South Africa, Mexico, Australia—these names have become cliche in the travel space. Vlogger Eva zu Beck brings something new to the table after travelling to 60 countries, amassing 324,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Beck spent 10 months in Pakistan exploring all aspects of the culture. Diving head-first, she started her journey in ‘Taliban territory’ with a local family. Travelling to the highest paved international border crossing, trekking to the base camp of the world’s second tallest mountain and even spending time with the locals of the land got her some screen time on Pakistani TV. In fact, she was even invited to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan at a tourism conference, where she shared her thoughts of what the country is like to an outsider visiting.

Jennelle Eliana

Who says you need to have heavy-duty equipment to become a phenomenon on YouTube? Take Jenelle Eliana. The 21-year-old YouTuber became a success, gaining 2.31 million subscribers in less than a year. Her approach is unique and focuses on an alternate travel style—a van. Yes, she travels and lives in a converted 1995 GMC Vandura van and displays the intricacies of having such a lifestyle. Her success was a hot topic of contention with many people questioning the reality of the numbers. However, undeterred by the comments, Eliana continues to work on and grow her channel with quirky concepts in her cool, lo-fi style.

Trisha Velarmino (P.S. I’m On My Way)

One can only imagine the kind of knowledge and experience a person can have after 10 years of travel. Well, imagine no more. Trisha Velarmino is a YouTuber and blogger who has been on the go since she was 22. Her channel takes you away from the mainstream tourist locations and brings you closer to the core of a destination. One way she manages to understand the nitty-gritty of a culture is by volunteering at many places. Free food and accommodation are not the only appeal; she gets a chance to live amongst and think like the locals. An admirable quality about Velarmino is that she takes her time with any destination; no rushing or half-hearted travelling here. 

Nadine Sykora (Hey Nadine)

The internet is brimming with travel tips written by people behind a desk. However, the air of authenticity and personality can only be accomplished once someone gets on their feet. Nadine Sykora has been travelling for 10 years. And 55 countries later, she has managed to build her own guide on what to do and what not to do while travelling. A fun blend of fashion, comedy, food, hacks, tips and of course, destinations, her channel brings together the core aspects of travelling. She doesn’t shy away from collaborations and says you can “see the world from the comfort of your own home” by watching her channel. If you’re looking for travel tips and tricks from a hard-core globetrotter, this is it.

Christine Kaaloa (GRRRL TRAVELER)

Beautiful landscapes and fun experiences are what one expects watching a travel vlog. But what about the difficulties of being a nomad? Well, American YouTuber Christine Kaaloa has nothing to hide. Primarily travelling in South Asian countries, Kaaloa doesn’t shave off the negative parts of her experiences in her vlogs. Whether it is an encounter with taxi scams, or boring airport layouts, or even falling sick, she shows it as it is. Her honesty is refreshing on a platform that tends to focus on “wanderlust”. On her channel, she gives insights on food and travel, even adding tips and tricks of the trade that she has learnt on her adventures.

Lindsay McCormick 

Nobody is a fan of long, dragged out videos on YouTube. On Lindsay McCormick’s channel, you don’t have to worry about that since all of the content is under 10 minutes. Her videos are fun yet informative. McCormick, 32, quit her job and sold her car to fund her trips. Unfortunately, McCormick does not upload videos any more and in fact, is working towards making the world environment-friendly as the founder of Bite toothpaste. Nevertheless, her previous videos are still a good watch. If you are looking to have bite-sized content (pun intended) about various destinations regarding what to see and do on a budget, this is the channel for you.


Alyshia Ford (Psychotraveller)

Food, culture and landscape—these are the three pillars on which all travel videos are built. Alyshia Ford, however, steps out of the box on her YouTube channel Psychotraveller. Of course there are many videos on her adventures as she explores various countries and helps people with tips, and introduces her viewers to food and architecture. But she also has many videos outside the vlogging space. With videos on best travel books to read, fun challenges on building a route, and even expense reviews on international trips, she truly captures every angle to the travel scene. She even has her own book, Where Is She? Travel to Trauma, where she explains her travel life and also delves into some personal stuff.


Brooke Saward

One of the better-known bloggers on the internet, Australian traveller Brooke Saward also vlogs her adventures for YouTube. Her content is clean and raw, with no filters on her experiences. She travels full-time and quite literally lives out of a suitcase. The 28-year-old was raised in Tasmania, Australia. She has three books under her belt. She started by writing about her previous trips and now gets paid to travel. How? Watch her vlog on this topic to know more. Overall, her vlogs are simple and informative and enjoyable for those who really wish to get an inside peek into different cultures.

Christianne Risman (Backpacking Bananas) 

The first thing you notice about Christianne Risman’s channel is the strange name, but on watching her content, it completely makes sense. Only 22, she keeps things light and humorous on her channel; and it makes for an easy watch. Her documentation exposes her readers to locations, her experiences and also offers tips and tricks to stay on top of the travel game. Since her channel focuses on backpacking, it also is a great insight into budget travel. Best of all, you can find various playlists of her videos according to different regions in the world. No more scouring through hundreds of videos!

TJ Lee (CupofTJ)

If quirky and cute is what you look for in a YouTube channel, TJ Lee does it best. While she does have a fair share of her travel adventures and experiences sprinkled here and there, what grabs the eyeballs on her channel is the food. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach and Lee proves them right. Her content is fun and refreshing, as she dives into strange experiences such as knife massages, transformation into Lolita girls, and trying viral foods. Her personality lends quality to her channel and makes it an extremely relatable watch.

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