Women-Friendly Travel Trends that will Rule 2020

Women-Friendly Travel Trends that will Rule 2020
Women's travel trends for 2020 Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Here's what 2020 has in store for women who love to travel

Roshni Subramanian
March 08 , 2020
03 Min Read

The world of travel and tourism is constantly evolving. And so are the trends associated with it. Research proves that some of the key drivers for this transformation are the newfound interest in exploring offbeat destinations, cheaper air fare and moreover a rise in the purchasing power of the common man. Today, the concept of travel involves a lot more than just booking your tickets and landing at the destination. People are constantly on the lookout for ‘experiential travel’, ‘responsible/sustainable travel’ and even voluntourism. As more and more women step out of their comfort zone, the idea of solo getaways has also gained prominence. With concepts like ‘micro trips’, digital detox, and insta-travel emerging every other day, we wonder what the travel forecast looks like for 2020 especially for women? Here’s our guess -

Wellness retreats


Looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

Self love is a tricky territory.While some embrace it with open arms, for many of us it can be extremely challenging. Often misconstrued as being self-absorbed and narcissistic, the notion of being good to yourself, often seems quite bizarre to those who beat themselves up with cruel self-talk. Well, things are changing now and we couldn’t be more glad. Of late, more and more women are investing in self-care, mental and physical fitness, and wellness retreats. Hence, the surge in exclusive women-only retreats. From spiritual journeys and self-development to spa getaways and beach fitness vacations, these retreats offer healing, relaxing and empowering opportunities.

Women-only hotels

These women-only hotels aim to pamper solo women travellers and enhance female travel experience

Travelling alone is more often than not an intimidating experience. Women travellers have to think about the level of security and the autonomy in their accommodations round the clock. With safety concerns looming over our heads constantly, it doesn’t come as a surprise that women-only hotels have witnessed a sudden surge. Though these women-only hotels have been around for some time, it was only when the four-star Som Dona hotel opened in Mallorca, Spain, that the concept of catering exclusively to women was taken further. What started out as an eccentric marketing initiative has today taken the world by storm. If you are someone looking for such gender-specific accommodation within the country, head to Kerala. Set up by KTDC, the women-only hotel, aptly named ‘Hostess’, is run by women and aims to serve solo female travellers. 

Girlfriend getaways

Reconnect with your girl gang and plan that long overdue holiday!

No one can deny that travelling is a liberating experience. But you don’t have to do it alone all the time. The camaraderie of an all-women group is unparalleled, so be it a luxury getaway or an adventure trip, there’s a girl gang waiting for you to grab the gear. Be rest assured, you are in good hands. There are several travel clubs that cater only to female travellers and offer customised tours, both domestic and international. From adventure specific experiences like trekking and kayaking to yoga retreats, these women-only groups provide curated trips and ensure that you take tons of memories back home.

Shoulder and off season travel
The perks of travelling off season are endless. Lower prices, fewer crowds and a more local experience. Off season travel is often synonymous with cheap travelling. With the least amount of tourist activity, during off season, flights, accommodations and even food sees a dip in prices. According to reports by Huffpost, it all boils down to supply and demand. When the demand drops, the prices naturally fall. While off season is considered the ideal time to venture out, shoulder season is the transitional time between peak and off season. When you are a solo female traveller, the extra wad of cash that you’d be saving from all the off and shoulder season travel could make all the difference between a luxury accommodation and hitting the couch at a motel!

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