Last Minute New Year Travel Plans? Visit These Places Without Visa Hassles

Last Minute New Year Travel Plans? Visit These Places Without Visa Hassles
Visit these places for a memorable New Year's Eve Photo Credit: Shutterstock

No visa? No trouble!

Sahana Iyer
December 26 , 2019
06 Min Read

What are your New Year plans? The question always leads to a dose of anxiety. As much as one tries, let’s face it, plans for the New Year (the new decade, this time around) are always left for the eleventh hour. So what? There is no travel guide that says a last minute New Year plan cannot be the most memorable experience of your life. Especially not ours. We've got your back. Here are six places you can visit - no visa hassles in any of these: 

Macao is known as the 'Vegas of China'



For some people, New Year's Eve is spent relaxing at home with friends. Others wish to have a memorable send-off to the last day of the year. If you wish to have a luxurious New Year’s, Macao is the place to be. Termed ‘Vegas of China’, the place is a centre of gaming, gambling and glamour. Macao was under the Portuguese for around 300 years and has a fantastic blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Its historic city centre, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, flaunts architecture influenced by both nations. The city on the South China sea is high energy and boasts a rich nightlife. 

Visa requirement: Stay visa-free for 30 days

Ile de Goree Island, one of the earliest European settlements in Western Africa, Dakar, Senegal


For those who cannot decide between a raging party and serene natural settings, we have good news. There is no need to choose. Senegal, located on the tip of Africa’s peninsula, is a heady combination of fun, music, beautiful beaches, and a glamorous nightlife. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Saint Louis in Northwest Senegal offers views of impressive colonial architecture and is also in close proximity to sweeping national parks. Marvel at the rich biodiversity and natural resources, take a walk on long stretches of golden sand, go on a boat journey and, of course, taste the delicious traditional cuisine (try thiebou dieune - a rich dish with fresh fish). 

Visa requirement: Stay visa-free for 90 days

City of Mindelo in Sao Vicente island and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde Archipelago

Cape Verde 

If the grey skies of the winters are getting you down, try the year-long sunny weather in Cape Verde. The volcanic archipelago in Africa is an ideal place to get away from a frigid New Year. The culture and tradition will no doubt have you hooked. The clusters of islands boast a colonial heritage. Unlike other colonised areas around the world, these were populated post-colonialism. You can enjoy the tropical climate and go sailing on the seas. Bar hopping is old news here because you can go island hopping! We recommend São Vicente. The town is home to many great writers and musicians hailing from Cape Verde. You can spend days on the beaches or visit the pubs at night which are known for their entertaining nightlife. The musical town always has a melody to offer in addition to gorgeous volcanic landscapes.

Visa requirement: Visa on arrival for 30 days

The landscape of Dominica


If you are an adrenaline junkie and just can’t get behind the idea of spending New Year’s Eve indoors, Dominica is a place you should definitely visit. The Caribbean islands have always been a tourist destination on everyone’s bucket list and what better time to visit than the start of a decade. Dominica has plentiful tropical rainforests to explore. You can also indulge in the Caribbeans’ first long-distance hike or other simpler hiking trails. The island has much in store - black sand beaches, hot springs, the famous ‘boiling lake’, and around 40 dive centres. 

Visa requirement: Stay visa-free for 90 days

Armenia is home to many Christian monasteries


Armenia is known as one of the first Christian countries. It was once was home to many pagan sites, which were then replaced with Christian monasteries. You can visit Khor Virap, Sanahin Monastery Complex or Noravank Monastery.  However, if that is all you think Armenia has to offer, you would be wrong. The country boasts of historical sites, nature, wildlife, as well as the much-coveted nightlife. The stunning natural views of the snow-capped Mount Ararat is a sight one must witness. You could also go boating on Lake Sevan. And let’s not forget the Republic Square, the central town compound in the capital Yerevan. The landlocked nation also has mountains and woods aplenty. Do dive into the waterfall at Jermuk, also known as 'the hair of the mermaid' (legend says a nobleman's daughter's hair, after she threw it down Rapunzel-style for her lover, turned into the waterfall and she turned into a mermaid).

Visa requirement: Visa on arrival for 120 days

Izalco Volcano from Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador.

El Salvador

El Salvador has often been a victim of bad press. However, this tiny, densely packed country is actually a paradise for those who wish to seek both natural and man-made sites. While it is home to many must-visit national parks, it also features many coffee plantations, marvellous building murals, museums, and other tourist attractions. It is well-known for its black-sand beaches where one can indulge in surfing. You must visit the museum in the town of Perquín where you can see cannons, uniforms and other war-related articles. Additionally, you can also visit the National Zoo, which is considered to be the most modern in South America. The La Laguna botanical garden also gives you a look into the native plants and agriculture. The coffee and cacao plants are obviously a given!

Visa requirement: Stay visa-free for 90 days


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