Start Planning For Your January 2020 Trips Now

Start Planning For Your January 2020 Trips Now
Cambodia has a lot to offer all its visitors Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for travel ideas for January 2020? Your search ends here

Simrran Gill
December 17 , 2019
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January 2020 is just around the corner and if your New Year resolution is to travel more, then we have just the right list for you. We bring you the road less travelled, not just picturesque landscapes but also those soaked in history and with great art, architecture and culture. They will leave you spellbound. 

What more you ask? All these countries offer either visa on arrival or you can go visa free on an Indian passport. So go ahead, book your tickets to:  


Plains, delta and mountains - is this country missing out on landscapes? Definitely not! Cambodia is home to low-lying plains, the famous Mekong delta and the Gulf of Thailand coastline. The capital city, Phnom Penh, is a cultural hub with the Royal Palace and the historical exhibits at the National Museum. One should also not miss the ruins of Angkor Wat, the stone temple built during the Khmer Empire.
Visa: On arrival, valid for 30 days

Move over Maldives and hop on to the next flight to Cape Verde islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago forms a part of an eco region as well. Until the 15th century, these islands were uninhibited and only later were colonised by the Portuguese. The music in the islands, with influences from Africa, Portugal and Brazil, is also one of the key highlights of Cape Verde.
Visa: Visa on arrival, valid for 30 days

Elephants at a National Park in Kenya
With a coastline on the Indian Ocean, Kenya is our favorite pick if you are a wildlife enthusiast. Lions, elephants, rhinos - you name it and they have it. Kenya is also home to diverse landscapes such as savannah, lakelands, and mountains, incorporating something for everything. Does one need any more reasons to plan a visit to this treasure house?
Visa: On arrival, valid for 90 days

An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles, is what dream islands are made of. Vast stretches of white sand on one hand and forests lined up on the other, the beaches at Seychelles look like an artist’s creation. If you are looking forward to a tranquil beginning to the year, this is your ideal location.
Visa: On arrival, valid for 30 days

Thinking of going for a surreal yet offbeat experience this January? How does shipwreck diving sound? Marshall Islands are home to a wreck dive site from the time of WWII. Apart from this, these volcanic islands are also bordered by undisturbed waters and coral reefs. They lie in the Central Pacific Ocean and have very scanty population. So expect a dose of real peace and tranquility.
Visa: On arrival, valid for 90 days

Ancient ruins at Amman, Jordan
Apart from housing the UNESCO heritage site, Jordan is a cultural flux with tombs, temples and monuments. What’s unique about them you ask? They are carved into pink sandstone cliffs that surround the area. That is also how Petra came to be known as the “Rose City.”Also did we mention there is a biosphere reserve along with the Dead Sea?
Visa: On arrival, valid for 30 days

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Sunset in Tunisia
Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Sahara Desert on the other, Tunisia is a history lover’s delight. Right from archaeological exhibits to Islamic art, one can soak in the abundant cultural heritage that Tunisia has to offer. The added bonus here are the artifacts that one gets to explore at the museums.

Visa: Go visa free for 90 days

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Ecuador.
Lies on the equator, encompasses Amazon jungle and the Galápagos Islands - need we say more? A mix of cultures, history and landscapes all under the same sky (brilliant, clear skies, to be specific), Ecuador is home to churches as well as heritage cities. Not just that, one can indulge in some amazing adventure sports here as well. Ecuador is also a paradise for those looking for a gastronomical adventure. We say book your tickets right away.
Visa: Go visa free for 90 days

Shorelines, dunes and a desert, all run parallel here and make for a breathtaking landscape. Qatar’s capital city is also home to futuristic skyscrapers along with architecture inspired by ancient Islamic design. Once in Qatar you will not be idle or bored even for a single minute, the country has so much to offer, see and do. We suggest you plan a longer trip to cherish all experiences.
Go visa free for 60 days

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