Plan The Pawfect Trip With These 5 Tips

Plan The Pawfect Trip With These 5 Tips
Here are 5 tips for pet-friendly trips, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Planning a vacay with your pet? It can be a breeze if you just follow important pointers, and plan ahead

Roop Sawhney
December 24 , 2019
03 Min Read

It is often extremely difficult to part with your furry friends and travelling with them at times seems too tedious. We almost always end up compromising on vacation time, just so our pets do not have to go through the anxiety and stress of travel. Well, it’s time to bid goodbye to these problems and pack a mini carry-on for you animal child. Here are five tips on how you can have a purrfect vacation with your pet in tow.

Identify the patterns 

The first step to any pet vacay is to recognise the patterns and attitudes of your four-legged friend. Take them out on short car rides and see how they react to the distances. If your pet experiences shortness of breath and exhibits signs of discomfort and anxiety, it is a big red flag for travel. Most pets will be restless, start panting or drooling more than usual if they are anxious or under stress.

Familiarise your pets

The best option to curb car-related travel anxiety is to familiarise your pet with the car - take them for short rides every other day to help them get a feel of what they will experience while travelling. If the only rides you are taking your pets on is to the vet, then thanks to Pavlov they have been conditioned to associate the car with the vet, thereby inducing more stress and anxiety. Once your furry friend realises that car rides aren’t just meant for the vet, they’ll be much more excited and receptive to travel.

For when you're on the move

While you’re on the move, make sure to never leave your pet in a closed car. For you, a washroom break might not last long, but remember in dog years it’s an eternity. When you do make a snack break and you absolutely have to leave your pet in the car, make sure there is some form of ventilation and a small bowl of food and water. Plenty of pit stops are very important for your pet. For a road trip, make a stop every one or two hours so that your furry friends can relieve themselves or just have some extra room to sniff around and stretch their legs.

Dealing with air travel

Air travel for pets can be extremely tricky and pretty traumatising if not done right. Prep beforehand - make sure that the airline you choose is pet-friendly. Putting your pet in cargo hold can be pretty scary what with the many horror stories that we have heard and read about. Sedating your pet might not be the best idea owing to the temperature and altitude changes during flights. Putting them in appropriately sized carriers is also necessary you don’t want it to be too small making their travel even more uncomfortable. If your airline doesn’t fit the bill, try the first class compartments in trains. The journey may be longer but you will be there for company. 

Prep for your pup

There is no such thing as over preparation when it comes to your pet’s safety. Make sure you pack appropriate travel gear for your pups and kittens. Pack their food, medicines and always keep a record of their vaccinations with you. Always consult your vet before you travel with your pet, just to be safe. To make sure they don’t get lost in transit, have a tag attached to their collar which has your name, address and phone number. Check the weather conditions beforehand so that you and your pet are prepared for the worst and plan your outfits so that you can twin with your fur baby!

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