Anxious Traveller? Here Are 6 Tips For The Pre-Travel Jitters

Anxious Traveller? Here Are 6 Tips For The Pre-Travel Jitters
Here's how you can combat travel anxiety Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Unpacking your travel fears…

Roop Sawhney
December 11 , 2019
03 Min Read

You may love to travel but we are well aware of the stress and anxiety that comes with it. Between the days of planning and making endless lists, there's always that nagging feeling that we've forgetten to pack something important. Or the million 'what ifs' that cross our mind to give us sleepless nights. While some of you may love the pre-travel activities, for some, it can be a nightmare. And we hear you loud and clear. For the anxious traveller, here are some tips and tricks to make your journey memorable and put our mind at ease:

Making a List, Checking it Twice


The oldest trick in the book is to put pen to paper and list down everything you think you might need on a trip. Each and every detail matters, from something as small as your shampoo bottle to something of utmost importance like tickets. Write everything down. Now, our tip is to make categories: if you write eveything down without some sort of guide, you might feel you're back in college writing your thesis. Categories will make sure you dot your Is and cross your Ts.

The Familiar and Unfamiliar

We're all too familiar with the feeling of unfamiliarity, which can be very unsettling. If possible, Our tip: Use the power of the internet and connect to world wide web. Most tourist destinations offer 360 degree videos of the location. You will find it on most official guides as well as secondary sources like blogger posts, Instagram and Facebook. This feature will enable you to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and that way you'll know what to expect. 

Make Itineraries

Making itineraries and putting a timeline on everything is probably the best way to curb pre-travel jitters. Don't care what anyone else says. Plan your place of stay, public transportation, places to eat and tourist attractions you might want to see: write and plan it all. There is always a chance you will deviate when there but having a readymade plan is comforting. If it helps, make multiple-day itineraries and add a back-up plan of sorts: follow the one which suits you best. And when on your travels you feel you want to deviate and are comfortable doing so, go ahead! It is YOUR holiday. 

Spontaneity isn't for Everyone

The urge to procrastinate and put planning off to a later date is tempting, but not worth it. A day before you have to travel, you'll have a lot on your mind. So pack and plan well in advance. Plan for all scenarios, even unreasonable ones. Having a plan of action for any kind of situation will automatically provide an answer to all your 'what ifs'. Tip: If you're anxious about flying, ask the airline crew if you can talk to the pilot before your take off to put your mind at ease.  

Unpacking your Anxiety

Packing your suitcase efficiently is an art not all can master. People tend to overpack or underpack in stressful situations. Prioritise what you will need during this trip and plan your outfits. Check the weather conditions beforehand. Trust us when we say you do not need to carry a million pairs of pants.

Questions, Questions

Anxious travellers always have a thousand questions. Our advice? Make a list of any and every question you can think of and in most situations, a simple online search will be your friend. There are plenty of online forums where you will come across your questions already answered or where you can post them for others to answer. Otherwise, talk to people who have been to the place you’re going to. If you have questions about the airlines, customer care isn’t all that tedious as you might think.

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