Go Beyond The Tiger Trail At India's Oldest National Park

Go Beyond The Tiger Trail At India's Oldest National Park
Visit Corbett National Park for something other than the safari Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Let the tigers rest awhile

Sahana Iyer
December 03 , 2019
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If we could sum up Corbett National Park in one word, it would be tigers. It is a well-regarded fact that people mostly visit the tranquil location to catch a few sightings of the majestic beasts on a safari (many often return unsuccessfully). However, aside from the fresh and natural environment and incredible wildlife, Jim Corbett National Park has a lot of other experiences that go unnoticed by the visitors. Here are some of the adventures you can try out on a trip to Corbett:

The waterfall is a tranquil area for a picnic


Visit the Corbett waterfall

The clean air, lush greenery and natural environment of Corbett is figuratively miles away from the city’s chaotic demeanour. People often visit the national park to get away from the city and relax. 25 kms away from Ramnagar is the Corbett waterfall, which is the perfect spot to wind down and enjoy some leisure time. The small waterfall of 60 feet is a serene location surrounded by a luscious teakwood forest.You have to trek about 1.5 km to get to the waterfall from the base. It is a famous picnic spot so all you need to do is pack up a basket and maybe some bug repellant. Amidst the chirping of hundreds of birds, you can also camp out. Basic facilities are provided by the forest authorities and regular transport services can take you to the base. Needless to say, the area is a great opportunity to capture some memorable social media footage. 

Bird Watching

While the diversity of the wildlife in Corbett National Park is often associated with the striking tigers and deer (soon, even Rhinos), people often overlook the arial biodiversity of the dense forests. Surprising to many, the reserve is one of the richest bird regions in the country. Home to an astonishing 550 species of birds, Corbett provides views of beautiful and rare avifauna, including but not limited to the Great hornbill, Collared falconet, Red-headed vulture and Spot-bellied Eagle Owl. Get out your binoculars and get set to be introduced to some of the most stunning species of birds you will see! 

Mahaseer is quite a catch while fishing in India


Fishing is a niche community in India. As small as it may be, it is also a very loyal and enthusiastic bunch. Uttarakhand’s Ramgana river is well-known for its fishing spots. Additionally, Corbett also gives access to Machula bridge and Van Ghat pools. Get your gear and enjoy a relaxed evening at these serene spots. You can spot the elusive Mahaseers (Golden, Silver and Black) or Goonch / Catfish. You may also find a few carps and loaches (Warning: It is important to follow the rules and regulations of the area when you attempt angling. Please ensure that you are not in violation of any laws). Once you decide on a spot, you can choose to reside in the closeby eco lodges, resorts or even camp on the bank, if allowed. The water bodies of Corbett National Park have abundant aquatic species. The angling season here begins in late September and goes on until May end. October and November are considered to be ideal months due to the high numbers of fish.     

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Take a Trip To the Corbett Museum

Edward James Corbett, better known as Jim Corbett, was a British hunter who was often called upon to track and hunt down man-eaters that created a nuisance in the villages of now Uttarakhand. He later turned to an environmentalist and also authored a book speaking of the importance of preservation of biodiversity. Located in Kaladhungi, the Corbett Museum was originally the heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett. His beliefs and values regarding wildlife conservation are celebrated at this museum. The museum exhibits his personal articles, paintings, sketches and manuscripts. It also highlights the beauty of the tigers and other animals in the area. One can learn more about the significance of wildlife, amidst the lush green forests of the national park. Do not miss a chance to purchase some delicate handmade rural items and handicraft products. The museum stays open all year (barring Holi time) from 7 am to 6 pm.

Pamper the adrenaline junkie in you by mountain biking through the woods

Mountain Biking

The mind never rests. Why should the body? A treat for all adrenaline junkies, one can take up the challenging activity of mountain biking in the national park. Surrounded by canopies of lush green thicket, one can traverse on the trails that reveal the beautiful landscape of Corbett. There are many agencies that one can contact to take up biking, along with short treks. These trails will carry you through Corbett, revealing its gentle routes, foothill villages, farmlands and at times, slightly challenging roads. You will also have a chance to visit the forest streams, old temples and explore the wondrous wildlife. One could argue that no other experience would allow a person to view the national park at ground level like this. 


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