The Hidden Markets of Mumbai

The Hidden Markets of Mumbai
Visit these markets for any specific needs, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Let go of Colaba and Crawford, already!

Sahana Iyer
November 29 , 2019
04 Min Read

A melting pot of diversity and culture, Mumbai is a city for the dynamic. It is said that people in this city stop for no one, and that is agonisingly true. However, while Bombay ki bheed (the crowd of Mumbai) is a tide of hasty people, the overwhelming population is not faceless. From the nooks and crannies of the majestic South Mumbai to the more comfortable suburbs, every person in the city has their own style and is fearless to express it. And the city caters to all the needs one might have. Sprawling bazaars of infinite commodities dot the city. While we are sure you have visited (or at least heard of) the more popular Chor Bazaar, Colaba Causeway and Crawford Market for their variety, why not explore the more specialised bazaars for your particular requirements? These are the 6 markets in the city for your every specific need.     

Vibrant bangles of all colours line CP Tank

Bangles at CP Tank

Bangles have been the accessory that binds traditional Indian outfits for centuries. In fact, they are now also an apex element of many Indie-western outfits. If you are never satisfied with your bangle collection, head on over to Cowasjee (Cawasji) Patel Tank or CP Tank in Girgaon. The market is lined with bangle vendors who own up to the hype. You can even take your garments to the street and they will pick out the perfect pair to go with it. As it caters to a niche, the market is never flooding with people which makes it an ideal spot to shop in the Mumbai humidity. 

Books at Book Street

As an avid reader, I can solemnly swear that there is no greater joy than scrounging through books as if you were digging for treasure. And with the range of affordable options that Book Street provides you, there is no doubt that you will opt for multiple purchases. The streets is sandwiched between Flora fountain and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station in Fort. Bargain for second hand books and even bring in your own to sell! Don’t worry, the hefty books will outweigh the loss in your wallet.   

Flowers for any occasion can be bought at Phool Gully

Flowers at Phool Gully

No matter what the occasion, flowers are a staple element. If you have a wedding to host, a party to decorate or an elaborate date planned, you need fresh flowers by your side. We can guide you to the ideal location, but you’d have to set your alarms a little earlier than usual. The Dadar flower market is one of the most well-known and largest markets in the city. Better known as phool gully, the market is busy with vendors from anytime past 4:30 am! Many storekeepers visit to purchase bulk orders. The market claims to offer any kind of flower you could wish for.  

Electronics at Lamington Road

If there is heaven on earth for techies, it’s right in the lap of Grant Road in South Mumbai. Lamington road is a collection of vendors carrying electronic items. Whether you wish to buy speakers, laptops, amplifiers or any other gizmo, you will find a hawker offering it to you. If you seem lost, don’t fret. The vendors of the area are equipped with the knowledge to guide you with your purchase. Some vendors will even help you assemble your computers. All electronics here might be cheap, but you must buy the goods at your own risk. After all, we are talking about electronics at a street market! 

You have a variety of spices to choose from at Mirchi Galli

Spices at Mirchi Galli

Spices are the cornerstone of Indian cooking. No kitchen in the country (actually, the world)  is complete without the familiar masale ka dabba that contains little vessels of fragrant spices. If you have run out of any of the essentials, don’t miss out on a trip to Mirchi Galli in Crawford Market. As the name suggests, the lane sells a multitude of spices. It has been in existence for over a century, but was originally called Kohli Gali, derived from the initial residents. The residents were known to have stocked and sold spices to the neighbourhood. 

Jewellery at Zaveri Bazaar

No outfit, traditional or otherwise is complete without the adornment of jewellery. In India, jewellery is also looked upon as a safe investment. For all things gold, silver and precious, take a trip to Zaveri Bazaar, just a little skip away from Crawford market. The market deals in business to business and business to customer transactions. Narrow lanes are packed with various stores selling gold, silver, precious stones, brassware and platinum jewellery. Some of the biggest brands in the industry have also set up shop here. Look out for the gorgeous archaic buildings too!

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