Your Complete Guide To Eating Like A Local In Jaipur

Your Complete Guide To Eating Like A Local In Jaipur
Jaipur offers a lot more than just their famous thali , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From the traditional dal batti to a contemporary khakra pizza, we just can’t stop drooling!

Simrran Gill
November 28 , 2019
07 Min Read

When it comes to food there is a lot more than just dal batti churma in the Pink City. The fragrance of spices, preparation of food in ghee and the soulful lassi, you are sorted if you find the right places in Jaipur to eat. Most of the eateries in Jaipur carry a legacy with them and it’s as if they can’t go wrong about their recipes (and we’re not complaining). While the traditional thali is unmatchable, we set out to explore more and most definitely weren’t disappointed! Here is a guide to eat like a local in Jaipur:

Tapri Central

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A post shared by Ankush Nagar (@ankush_nagar) on Oct 6, 2019 at 3:11am PDT

The name tapri rings a bell for chai, and that’s what this place offers the best. Staying true to its name, Tapri Central serves the best kadak chai. But not just limited to tea, this place won our hearts for its decor, service and lip smacking food. We also suggest that you have their cold coffee (yes we know it’s called a tapri, but give it a shot). The best part about them? They serve complimentary khakra to all their visitors. Their menu, contemporary in taste and presentation, offers everything from delectable (and everybody’s favourite) maggi to pizza khakra to cheese vada pav as well as the famous Bombay bhelpuri.
Must Try: Kadak Chai, Tadka maggi and Pizza khakra

Lakshmi Mishtan Bhandar
If you have a sweet tooth and often find yourself confused as to what to choose, then LMB (as the locals like to call it) will sort things out for you and you will end up eating everything. Nothing at LMB disappoints, but the abundant varieties of ghevar is what one should go for. Standing proud in Johari bazaar, LMB has been in Jaipur for almost 300 years now. There is never a dull moment for LMB as people line up since the morning to gorge on their savoury chaat. While here you might have to make your way through but both, the wait and the food, are worth it. We can guarantee you will take some back home.
Must Try: Chaat and Ghevar 

When we think of kulhad, we think of chai. But something different brews up in a kulhad at the famous Lassiwala. Situated on MI road and existing since 1944, everybody who’s ever stayed in Jaipur has sweet (quite literally) memories associated with the place. One sip of the ideally consistent lassi and as if we are transported into a Utopian world altogether. The taste is blissful, it’s easy on the pocket and it’s carries a legacy of being the best, do we need to give you more reasons to be here? We also suggest that you make it here latest by the afternoon so that you can actually grab yourself a kulhad before they are already sold out.
Must Try: Sweet and salty lassi


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A post shared by Zolocrust Clarks Amer (@zolocrust_clarks) on Jun 29, 2019 at 4:47am PDT

Not just serving the best chaat, rather Jaipur’s overall eating experience is a joyride. If one is not in the mood for some delectable pizzas Zolocrust will only win your heart. Located in Clarks, Amer, Zolo’s quiet and somber ambience is great if you fancy a meal all by yourself or with friends around. Their fresh out of the oven, handcrafted pizzas offer a selective, offbeat menu but do not mistake it for not living up to your expectations.
Must Try: Mexicana pizza and Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut shake 

Gulabji Chaiwala
Jaipur’s kadak affair with chai is never ending. Started in 1947 by a Rajput, Gulabji, the chai here is like any other yet soul refreshing. Serving the quintessential combination of chai and bun maska, the small, hole in the wall outlet is crowded with customers at any given point of time. Along with serving customers, about 200 people are served tea free of cost early in the morning. The outlet also has a cafe now that serves your early morning chai craving (they open at 5am). 
Must Try: Chai and bun maska

Rawat Mishtan Bhandar
It is a sin to come to Jaipur and leaving without paying a visit to Rawat’s. Their pyaaz kachori and mirchi pakoda is truly to die for and we can vouch that you wouldn’t stop after one (well, we didn’t). The very ordinary looking shop holds a key to every foodie’s heart inside. None of the visitors here ever leave empty handed (we are talking about kachoris). Right out of the utensil, the kachori is best served at the moment, however, carrying it back home will just introduce more people to its goodness.
Must Try: Pyaaz kachori and kesar lassi  

Anokhi Cafe

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A post shared by Swapnil Saxena (@swapnil.1690) on Feb 19, 2019 at 9:31pm PST

Ever been to an eatery and wanted to stay there longer than you intended to? Well, Anokhi cafe is just the same. Their delectable menu has found love amongst locals and foreigners alike. The organic food and decor of the cafe makes you want to cozy up in a corner and never leave. The ethinic and contemporary come alive here and their courteous staff just adds to the experience. So grab your favourite book and head straight up here.
Must Try: Mezze Platter and Carrot cake with cream cheese topping

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