6 Walking Tours In India You Must Go On

6 Walking Tours In India You Must Go On
Howrah bridge in Kolkata Photo Credit: Shutterstock

We promise you will love them!

Simrran Gill
November 22 , 2019
10 Min Read

Ever been to a new city and been confused about the best way to explore it? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Travellers from across the world agree that the joy of walking is unparalleled. Once you decide to walk your way through a place, you will see the place in a whole new light. Discovering miniscule details and hyperlocal experiences, walking through an unknown city is as relaxing as it can get. We bring you a list of must take walking tours in India:


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Silk saree being woven. Experience this with us on a tour outside the city. @benbyfoot #benbyfoot

A post shared by Bengaluru by Foot (@benbyfoot) on May 10, 2019 at 7:10pm PDT


Bengaluru today is known for its fast paced life (except for the traffic jams, of course) and cosmopolitan culture. But what about its outskirts? Bengaluru, founded by Kempe Gowda, is more than what meets the eye. Cultural abundance and significance of Bengaluru silk is very popular. Did you know that Old Bengaluru is home to the last surviving venerable weavers? These weavers are engaged in the process right from reeling and dying of silk yarn to its weaving. A walk through Old heritage town of Pettah is a wholesome experience, making one realise the effort that goes behind the making of a perfectly crafted saree. Apart from this to get a slice of life of the South Indian culture, arts, food and music one should not miss out on a walk through the heritage town of Basavanagudi. It is here that the first silk farms were formed in the 1898 by Jamsetji Tata. Head to these walking tours the next time you find yourself in Bengaluru.
Walking Tour offered by: Bengaluru By Foot


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While the Hyderabadi biryani has made a name for itself all across the globe , little do people know that it is not the only delectable dish (and cuisine) that is found in the city. The city is a boiling pot of cuisines offering Hyderabadi, Andhra and Nizami cuisine, all under the same sky, none of which is disappointing. While everybody takes a tour around the Charminar, we suggest you do something different and set yourself on a food trail (because we all agree that you want to do this). Not only will it be a lip smacking experience but also an enriching one. Did you know that India is one of the largest producer and consumer of chillies in the world? And do not be disappointed if you are a vegetarian, because there are more secrets to unravel than you think!
Walking Tour offered by: Detours India


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There are plenty of options when it comes to seeing and doing things in Delhi. On one hand the glorious Mughal architecture boasts of its valour and on the other Lutyen’s Delhi awaits. And the best way to set exploring Delhi, is on foot. While there are multiple walking tours that can be undertaken (all equally engrossing), we suggest that you do not miss out on a walk through Asia’s biggest spice market, Khari Baoli. The literal translation of the word is salty stepwell which existed before the market (i.e. before the 17th century, yes that’s how old the market is). We can guarantee that the aroma of fresh spices displayed carefully will be a treat to your olfactory senses. Apart from spices, the market is also home to dry fruits, herbs and grains.
Walking Tour offered by: Wandertrails 

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When we say Goa, only party bells ring in one’s ears. So much more than beaches, booze and shacks, Goa has an atypical charm to it. While in Goa one takes a two wheeler around, we say that ditch your vehicle and set exploring this time on foot. Being in Goa presents you with opportunity to set exploring not just Goan cuisine but also the local culture, fishing habits and the journey of our beloved feni. One of the most unusual yet equally enticing experiences is a taverna trail. On this trail one can taste off-beat local flavors, gorge on local snacks and soak the adventures of the old world charm of Goa.
Walking Tour offered by: The Local Beat

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The most heartwarming place to walk through is Kolkata. The constant sweet chatter in Bengali, the mellow sound of the trams and the crazy conundrum the city is in makes taking a walk here an altogether different experience. However, little did we know that the British architecture that we marvel at can be looked at from a completely different viewpoint. The Calcutta ghost tour explores the colonial Kolkata and gives you a chance to visit and the first five-star hotel in Asia. The walk can be spooky or funny based on your belief (that’s what we think).
Walking Tour offered by: Anthony Khatchaturian


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The capital of Tamil Nadu is where the ancient and the contemporary coexist in perfect harmony. A part of the city is the IT hub, where as the other part is Mylapore that existed almost 2,000 years before the city was formed. The bylanes of Mylapore house many secrets along with the best filter kappi. The Peacock trail in Mylapore will familiarise you with some of them. And why is it called the Peacock trail? We’ll leave that answer hidden in the walk that you take.
Walking Tour offered by: Storytrails

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