Discover Delhi On Foot This Winter!

Discover Delhi On Foot This Winter!
Bada Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad Complex at early morning in Lodi Gardens, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

These are the walking tours you need to take to explore Delhi on foot

Simrran Gill
November 19 , 2019
08 Min Read

A light chilly breeze, the sun stroking your face, the warmth of your jacket—seems like an ideal winter morning in Delhi, doesn’t it? Walking, we feel, is one of the best ways to get to know the Capital. From exploring its history, culture, and food (but obviously), exploring Delhi by foot gives you a different perspective altogether. Delhi has withstood the test of time, newer and older parts come together to make this cosmopolitan city like no other. Go on these walking tours if you find yourself in Delhi to know more!

Explore Shahjahan’s Shahjahanabad

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Shahjahanabad, as it was called then and Chandni Chowk as we know it now, is home to the ancient and contemporary parallely. Old Delhi is where one can find the remains of Mughal sultanate and also the erect structures of their grand architecture. In case you are not inclined to go through the Mughal history, you have the option of gorging on their delectable cuisine which has greatly inspired the Indian gastronomy scenario. It also home to one of the oldest mosques in India, a Sikh temple and a Hindu temple within the vicinity. Apart from that it houses Meena Bazaar, one of the royal markets during ancient times. So we say that you set exploring food, culture, shopping….all under the same sky.
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Enjoy An Evening At Lodhi Garden
Before the Mughals took over Delhi, it was home to the rulers of Lodi dynasty, which was an Afghan dynasty. Showcasing their architectural marvel, tombs today stand erected in Lodhi Garden. These medieval era tombs in the middle of a lawn promise serenity against the backdrop of a sunset. The garden around it was built in the 20th century covering all four monuments built by the last ruling dynasty in Delhi. If having a quiet evening to yourself marveling at Delhi’s legacy is your thing, then this is where you should be. The place also offers plenty of outlets to enjoy Afghan cuisine, we say you do not miss this.  
Walking Tour offered by: India City Walks, Delhi Heritage Walks

Take A Stroll At Mehrauli

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One of the seven ancient cities of Delhi, Mehruali boasts of an ultra rich cultural significance. It was after defeating Prithviraj Chauhan that the Mamluk dynasty started ruling Delhi. For the first time Delhi had a Muslim ruler. Mehrauli was the capital city of the Mamluk dynasty. Now a settled township is what defines the place.  For anybody who is remotely interested in knowing how the various dynasties that came up here. It also houses the architectural marvel, Qutub Minar and the famous Iron Pillar within its complex too. If taking a long reflective walk is what you are looking for, there can be nothing better than Mehrauli. 
Walking Tour offered by: Delhi Walks, Delhi Heritage Walks, Delhi by Foot

Study The Ruins At Tughlakabad
This earlier establishment of the Tughlaqs, this settlement is a testimony to the valor and the glorious past of Delhi. Constituting one of the eight cities that formed Delhi, Tughlakabad has seen shifting capitals, bloody battles and a new city in its vicinity. Currently, ruins of the city and the mighty Tughlaqabad Fort stand representing the might of the rulers and warriors of that time. The city at that time was said to be cursed by Nizamuddin Auliya, who was not allowed to make a Baoli. The contemporary and ancient coexist in perfect harmony here and walk through Tughlakabad is nothing short of a rich cultural and heritage experience.
Walking Tour offered by: Delhi Walks, Delhi Heritage Walks, Delhi by Foot

Sufism At Its Best At Nizamuddin
Narrow lanes, parallel markets and with tiny walled shops, Nizamuddin in Delhi is one place that even today has a blanket of tranquility that surrounds it today. The area comes alive especially on Thursdays when the evening is immersed in the Sufi spirit because of the qawalli at the Nizamuddin dargah. It is only a matter of seconds when the rays of the sun set and the music comes alive and the aura within and around the shrine changes, leaving everybody mesmerized. Not just the dargah, but Nizamuddin is also home to Isa Khan’s tomb, Tomb Of Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana and Ghalib’s museum, all of those who were significant in shaping Delhi’s as it is today.
Walking Tour offered by: Delhi Walks, Delhi by Foot

Steer Into Baolis

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Baolis or stepwells are multi level water storage architectural marvels. Stepwells in Delhi form a significant part of its history. Despite the fact that today only a couple of them can be visited, during ancient times these structures were of utmost importance. Apart from storing water, they were also used to keep a check on infiltration into the palaces by looking at the reflections in the water. While only the ruins of some remain, they are enough to be admired and understand the glorious past of Delhi.
Walking Tour offered by: Delhi Walks

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