Travel Podcasts For When You're On The Go

Travel Podcasts For When You're On The Go
Travel podcasts we can't get enough of, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Got time to kill? We’ve got your back!

Roshni Subramanian
November 16 , 2019
07 Min Read

Be it airport delays or long haul flights, you’d agree that there’s a lot of time to kill when travelling. Though movies, music and books are the go-to options for many frequent fliers, you can’t deny that podcasts are the next big thing. Right from travel hacks to your daily dose of humour, podcasts are an all-in-one package. A cross between radio and blogs, these travel based podcasts are enough to spark your wanderlust. We’ve picked some of the best travel podcasts that internet has to offer. So plug in your ear pods and happy listening!

Amateur Traveller

Wondering where to plan your next vacation? What to do, see and eat there? We’ve got you covered. Creation of Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveller lives up to its motto of ‘Travel for the love of it’. The podcast primarily focuses on travel destinations and the best places to travel to on a budget. Covering a variety of subjects ranging from a drive to the arctic circle in Canada to swimming with whales in Tonga, Amateur traveller is an award winning travel show. It started off by focusing  on the North American traveler, but over time has gained a global audience. The podcast follows an interview format and usually features a guest who’s either a travel expert or a destination expert. The first episode went on air nearly fifteen years ago in 2005 and has today expanded into a multimedia platform with blogs, photographs and videos. 

Find the latest episode here

Betty in The Sky With A Suitcase

Yes. You heard that right. And thankfully the show is as quirky as the title. Courtesy Betty, air travel has become a lot more fun. An extremely popular podcast, ‘Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase’ revolves around airline travel and Betty’s encounters as a flight attendant. Filled with funny anecdotes about pilots, flight controllers, ground crew, passengers and fellow flight attendants, it’s reminiscent of an old-school radio show and gives listeners an insight in to the life in the skies. Started by Betty N. Thesky in September 2006, the podcast is all about unusual things that happen at 30,000 feet above the ground. Considering the wide popularity, the ‘podcasting queen’ has even released a book, a compilation of all the hilarious stories of air travel. Well, if you’re up for a good laugh, then we’d suggest that you tune into the podcast or pick up the book at the nearest book store.  

Find the latest episode here 

Extra Pack of Peanuts

From couple goals to travel goals, one can’t help but envy Heather and Travis. Started by Travis Sherry, also known as ‘Rick Steves of the new generation’, EPOP is the bible everyone needs on budget travel. Following the interview format, some of the most famous names in the travel industry have been part of the podcast including the likes of Cris Guillebeau, Bruce Poon tip, AJ Jacob and others. Extra Pack of Peanuts provides a platform for travel lovers to access information on the best budget flights, travel advice, frequent flyer miles, cheap hotels, how to pack like a pro and a lot more. What started out as a quest to get cheap (read: free)  plane tickets has today transformed into one of the world's most top rated podcasts. While the in house travel guru (Travis Sherry) will provide you with all the tips and tricks of the trade, the inhouse lifestyle and culture guru (Heather Sherry), a self confessed caffeine addict will reveal where to score the best cup of coffee and the best shopping deals. 

Find the latest episode here 

Indie Travel Podcast

Ever wondered what life is like on the road? Well this Kiwi couple, Linda and Craig Martin, behind the Indie Travel Podcast have been answering all these travel based queries for quite some time now. Initially the idea was to start a blog on ‘how not to suck at travelling’, an area where they themselves needed a lot of guidance. As stated by Craig and Linda in several interviews, they were terrible travellers when they started out. With no clue whatsoever about how to validate train tickets or do laundry when on the road, the aim was to educate fellow independent travellers on how to avoid making similar mistakes. They wanted to share what they learnt from the mishaps and also offer practical information on travelling and backpacking. The inspiration for a podcast came when a friend advised them to drop the idea of a blog and focus on full-time podcasting. The Indie Travel Podcast covers subjects ranging from accommodations and reviews to even travel equipment. Started in 2006, the podcast enjoys a global fan following today. 

Find the latest episode here

The Musafir Stories

Exploring incredible India could not get easier than this. The Musafir Stories, is an audio podcast that documents Indian travel tales. Inspired by their passion for travelling and exploring, Bangalore-based businessman Saif Omar and his wife Faiza, started out Musafir Stories as a ‘passion project’. The podcast has successfully released nearly 71 episodes so far. Each episode focuses on the journey of fellow travellers as they share their experiences with the listeners. From storytellers to bloggers and even adventurers, the show has been graced by various guests till now. Taking into account the diversity that India offers in terms of travel experiences, right from beaches to forests to mountains, the agenda behind starting the podcast was to replicate those experiences for Indian destinations. As stated by Omar himself, the sole aim of the podcast is to share the rich experiences of travelling in India and inspire listeners to take the leap of faith and grab that bag pack!

Find the latest episode here

The Budget Minded Traveller

As the name suggests this podcast is a blueprint on how to travel more and save more. Yes, you heard that right. Sounds a bit dodgy right? Well. Trust us. It isn’t. A multimedia guide for international travel, the podcast focuses on budget travelling. Offering destination inspiration and practical tips on how to travel when on a cash crunch, the budget minded traveller, consists of personal stories and interviews. Hosted by Jackie Noursie, the aim is to make international travel a lot more accessible. Jackie started travelling independently nearly fifteen years ago and is now a travel expert, a linguist, an author and a lifestyle mentor. From tips on how to and what to do to safety tips for first time travellers, each episode features travel stories of the guests and encourages listeners to use their travel experiences as a tool to be more tolerant.

Find the latest episode here

Zero to Travel

Podcast creator Jason Moore digs deep into what travel means to each individual. With over 3 million downloads and featuring high profile guests from the travel industry, Zero to Travel focuses on different travel perspectives and lifestyle with a few tips and tricks on offbeat travel methods. It also consists of  full fledged episodes dedicated to fan mails and answering listener questions. Be it a travel newbie or a frequent traveller, the podcast has something in store for all travel junkies. The show has around 255 episodes to its credit each lasting somewhere between 30 to 90 minutes. Covering themes ranging from budget to business, Zero to Travel focuses on encouraging listeners to travel on their own terms. With over 15 years of travel experience, Jason Moore posts an hour long weekly episode revolving around best approach to travel regardless of situation and experience. 

Find the latest episode here


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