Themed Cruises For The Wacky Traveller

Themed Cruises For The Wacky Traveller
These cruises are for those who like unique trips Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From zumba to knitting, these cruises offer strange themes coupled with delightful sights

Sahana Iyer
November 04 , 2019
03 Min Read

Paranormal Cruise

If you have been brave enough to try a Ouija board in the dark, this cruise will up the ante as you scout marvelous sites that are considered to be haunted. Bhangarh will seem like a cakewalk once you have completed this cruise. Paranormal enthusiasts are certain to enjoy the experience as speakers share information about the haunted. Moreover, you can embark upon a ghost hunting expedition and finally live out your horror movie fantasy. Most expeditions are focussed on ports and the sound of waves crashing on silent rocks sounds like the perfect soundtrack.  


Brands: Ghost Hunters Cruise

The Flat Earthers cruise brings the limited community together

Flat Earthers Cruise

Scientific evidence is just not enough for people who are convinced that the earth is flat. The astonishingly large community called ‘The Flat Earth society’ will soon embark on the adventurous journey of travelling to Antarctica, also known as “the big wall at the end of the world”. The cruise will take place in 2020 and will finally prove which theory is right (after they move past Antarctica). Hysterically, all navigation technologies are based on the fact that the world is round. There are not many public details about this cruise but we could assume they will be partying like it’s their last day.   

Brand: Flat Earthers Cruise

Dance Cruise

The novelty of a daily workout wears off pretty quickly. It is for this reason that zumba took over the fitness community rapidly. Dancing to the beat hardly ever feels like a workout. If you think your hourly sessions are too short, you might instead enjoy being amongst hundreds of people dancing on a cruise. With pools, upbeat music, the workouts are essentially just a lively party. Although the name derives focus, you can also indulge in the nightlife, shows and casino arrangements on the cruise ships. They even have rock climbing competitions, dodgeball and movie nights if you are travelling with your kids. 

Brand: Zumba Cruise

The cruise is ideal for animal lovers

Cat Lovers Cruise

The friendly enmity between dog people and cat people has been in place for many years. It is generally seen that dog people outnumber cat lovers. However, if you are a cat person looking to find more of your own kind along the way, this cruise is for you. These cruises allow cat lovers to escape the city ironically, without their cats. The cruise is solely to engage with the cat-loving human community. Either way, you can spend time with people that share your interest and maybe even adore some feline photographs on the way. 

Brand: Meow Meow Cruise

Knitting Cruise

There is only so much explanation required for this. It’s a cruise for those who enjoy knitting. Creativity and relaxation go hand in hand on this ship. You are allowed to express your artistic side while instructors will help you improve on your skill (or maybe even learn for the first time). The cruise takes you to picturesque ports where your tranquil experience of knitting competes against the beautiful scenery. There are various knitting cruises that one can take. 

Brands: Knitting Cruise

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