Street Food Around India That Will Tempt Your Tastebuds

Street Food Around India That Will Tempt Your Tastebuds
These irresistible dishes will have you boarding a flight to India Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Indian cities have plenty to offer; find these lip-smacking dishes that are worth a trip

Anshika Nagar
October 29 , 2019
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The streets of India are filled to the brim with scores of steaming delicacies, spicy chaat, and plenty of sweets to content yourself with. But we will not limit ourselves to the many variants of tikki and pani puri; we will go a bit more local, a bit more authentic. Here is a list of dishes that make the city famous, and vice versa. 

Bombil Fry in Mumbai 


If street food and seafood had a baby, it would be Mumbai’s Bombil Fry. Inspired by Goan cuisine, this white fish fry (and its duck variant) is quite ideal with its crunchy exterior and soft pull of the fish. 

Indulge in the spicy flavours of a Dabeli in Ahmedabad

Dabeli in Ahmedabad 

Hailing from Kutch, Dabelis are found all over Gujarat and Maharashtra but one must try them in Ahmedabad. A mesh of dabeli masala and boiled potatoes, it makes for a gujarati-style burger. Laden with a host of chutneys: garlic, date, chili and tamarind and topped with sev, it is quite a treat. 

Kathi Rolls in Kolkata 

Puchka maybe the reigning king of all street food in Kolkata, then the kathi rolls come to a close second. Extremely delicious, these crunchy maida rotis wrap around spicy veggies and and a choice of kababs. There are many rolls to pick from and they make for a handy, wholesome snack. The most superior? The wonderful egg rolls. 

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Mirchi Bhaji in Hyderabad

Another one for spice lovers: the chilli fritters from Hyderabad. Chillies stuffed with masala, and fried with batter. They are often served with lemon, and known to induce bouts of tears. Sounds great. 

Misal Pav is a popular street food item in Maharashtra

Misal Pav in Pune

For people who love spice, this is the ideal match. Misal and Usal Pav make for the perfect breakfast choice; quick to make and quicker to eat. Lathered in generous amounts of butter, the pav is served with a bean curry and topped with namkeen. Sides include chopped onions and a spicier chutney. Just the thought of it is enough to make one salivate. 

Paya Soup in Bhopal

In the older parts of Bhopal, hearty meat dishes are extremely popular. The winding galis are lined with stalls of all kinds, but attracting the most crowd is a humble paya soup. A lamb trotters soup, it is a delight to slurp in winters.The mutton version is a hit too. Slow cooked with different spices, it is full of texture and flavour and definitely worth making a trip for.   

Poha-Jalebi in Indore

It may sound odd but Madhya Pradesh’s version of the flavourful poha is very easy to find and much sought after. But the one in the food capital of the state is supreme. The flattened rice cooked with peas, onions and chillies is served with jalebis. The sweet of jalebi offsets the slight tang of poha, a great bundle of taste for breakfast. 

Lucknow is a well-known for its scrumptious meat dishes

Tunde Kabab in Lucknow

Tuck into this soft, meaty wonder in Lucknow and we assure you, you will never be able to leave it behind. The most popular and the most delicious, the crowds in Lucknow love their tunde kebabs made with minced, spiced meat that is fried. Soft and succulent is the key here. 

Akki Roti in Bengaluru

In the IT capital of the country, quick snacks always win. Ideal for an evening snack and for breakfast, this rice-based roti is served with coconut chutney and a steaming cup of tea. 

Paniyaram in Chennai

A favourite in Tamil Nadu, paniyaram (also known as paddu, appe or ponganalu) is basically balls of dosa. The batter is the same, but these are moulded into fist-sized wonders, easy to pop on the go. Of course, coffee is a must to go with it. 

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