Gurugram: Distillery Bids Farewell To The Prohibition Era

Gurugram: Distillery Bids Farewell To The Prohibition Era
A pretty and delicious sushi platter at the Distillery, Gurugram

Think time travel is impossible? Think again. Distillery will take you back to the Prohibition Era and this time it's raining alcohol!

Precious Kamei
October 28 , 2019
04 Min Read
The 'D' in Distillery stands for Drink Up. Okay, I may have made it up but you can't blame me. Back in the 1920s the United States of America gave itself the great Prohibition Era and in 2019 (it's no coincidence), Gurugram gave the jolly drinkers Distillery. So I decided a little bit of sass and revolution was long over due. Hence, drink up!
Located in Gurugram Sector 29, Distillery is your newest one stop shop (read Bar) for all things fun and alcohol. Here are four reasons why you need to pay Distillery a visit:
There is no dearth of space at the Distillery
The Vibe
No matter how great the food and drinks are, there isn't a greater mood killer than a dull surrounding. Not something you'd find at the Distillery. Everything is big here, be it music or the restro-bar itself, the sheer size of it will blow your mind. Some may even call it liberating. After all, the whole idea is to bid farewell to the Prohibition Era, isn't it? The folks at the Distillery take their theme seriously and here you can find your servers with their outfits on point. We are talking about hats, suspenders, bow ties, the works. Servers are polite, jolly and won't let you wait for too long for your food and drinks. Dine with style, shall we? 
Side Note: A nationwide ban on the production, import and export of alcohol in the United States of America from 1920 to 1933 is known as the Prohibition Era. The Prohibitionists or the Drys as they were called, imposed it and called it a social cleansing but what they didn't anticipate was the rise of the organised crimes. Those who were against it were called the Wets. 
It's all about good food and good time
One of the cocktails: tastes as great as it looksThe Food
They have a 40 ft bar. If that's not insanely cool then I don't know what is! The barkeep will whip you up some mean cocktails using their in-house secret ingredients. When it comes to food, you have sushi on one hand and some desi grubs like Indian Mafia's Visit—a delicious dish of matthi and spicy tawa chicken on the other. The food menu is not 'out there' or shocking, the folks at the Distillery have kept the Indian palate in mind and with that added little but interesting side dishes of dips and salsas—yum! Talking about the menu, they've curated the menu keeping in mind the needs of everyone’s flavor profile, and have chosen from a vast, innovative and exuberant menu that caters your every mood. Delicious deli comes great drinks. You can choose from an array of premium drinks like scotch, whiskeys, martinis and wines. 
The Music
It's all fun here. Dance floor is open to all and the music is upbeat (and loud. Probably they can go a little easy on the volume, maybe?) It probably was a one-time thing but I was most definitely blown over by the pretty burlesque dancer. Ditta von Teese certainly came to mind that day. 
Rooftop is spacious and is perfect for all kinds of get togethers
The Specials
Here at the Distillery, if you have some cash to burn, you can have special arrangements just for you and your friends. They call them Gentlemen Gang, The Boss Lady Gang, and The Beardheroes Gang. From cigars and scotch themed parties for the gentlemen to the classy cosmo and martini parties for the ladies, all you need to do tell them what you want and let them plan a fun night for you and your gang.
The Information
Distillery- Craft Beer & Cocktails
Plot 16 & 17, Sector 29, Gurgaon
Pocket Pinch:
1,600 for two (approx.) with alcohol. Exclusive of taxes
Open: 12 noon to 1 am

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