Here Are 6 Offbeat Treks You Should Go For If You An Adventure Lover

Here Are 6 Offbeat Treks You Should Go For If You An Adventure Lover
Mountainscape of Pir Panjal Range of Himalayas after Snowfall , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Winter is coming and so is the time to trek

Simrran Gill
October 23 , 2019
10 Min Read

As winter sets in the most parts of the country the travel enthusiasm makes it way, especially for adventure lovers around. While trekking is the most common form of preferred winter activity, choosing a trek that suits your mood, stamina and preparation is a difficult task. Here is a list of __ treks to undertake this winter to satisfy the adventure junkie in you:


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North India’ very own valley flowers, this trek is in Lahaul Spiti, however, definitely not as crowded or commercialized. The trek hasn’t caught the attention of trekkers till now and turns swiftly from soft meadows in Lahaul-Spiti to brown rocks in the Zanskar valley. On the trek one can experience quant villages, green/brown meadows, animals grazing the meadows and the locals going about their usual day.  One of the most pleasant sight is also that of the Himalayan orchids. The valley is also a confluence of rivers and glaciers that pave way for one of the most spellbinding landscapes. The trek is a flat trail with postcard worthy villages all along. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate, can also be done by amateurs with apt fitness level


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Located in east (Nagaland), Japfu trek is for those who wish to climb farther away from the North. It is one of the highest mountain peaks and the trek overlooks the Dzukou Valley. Trekkers also have a chance to spot a variety of flora and fauna including migratory birds and soul pleasing varieties of Lilies. While doing the trek and understanding the topography you will realize that the valley is the bottom of a large crater or caldera of a long extinct volcano which can be spotted from the rim of the caldera. One can experience a valley with dense forests, lush meadows and bamboo thickets along the way.
Difficulty Level: Moderate


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What if we tell you that you can have breakfast in India and trek to another country just in time for dinner? If you are looking for something exhilarating to get that perfect adrenaline rush Sandakphu trek is your calling. It is the highest peak, both in the state of West Bengal and Mechi in Nepal. And because of its unique geographical location it offers a spellbinding view of the world’s tallest peaks. If you are taking this trek you are practically at two places once (India and Nepal). On one hand there is the Everest and on the other there is Kanchenjunga apart from pine forest vegetation that makes the trek worthwhile. The cross cultural exchange during the trek is also something to look forward to.
Difficulty Level: Easy


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Laying higher on the difficulty scale, Kali Cho Pass trek is where one can easily lose the trail. One can explore the two distinct yet picturesque Himachali regions, Lahaul and Bharmour, while on this route. This trek is usually the route taken by local shepherds and it is highly likely that you will encounter them. Apart from this, the lush green cover is a sight to behold. Though the trek is uphill and the terrain is rugged, it totally worth the experience.
Difficulty Level: Difficult


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The Triund trek, now pretty common, was one of the first treks that became commercial. But what can be discovered ahead of this trek are deep gorges, deodar forests, thick vegetation and streams flowing through. This is what lies ahead of the Triund trek is the Indrahar Pass trek. The Indrahar Pass forms the border between Kangra and Chamba districts and will let you witness the stretch of Dhauladhar range and Lake Mankiani and Kareri. While trekking to your south will be the plains of Punjab and to your north ranges like the Pir Panjal. This is one trek you should surely check out in case you are beginning your trekking expeditions.
Difficulty Level: Easy


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The gushing blue green water running through Dhauladhar range in the Kullu valley is lake Prashar. This Prashar lake trek offers breath taking views throughtout with Kinnaur and Shimla visible from the top. Dedicated to sage Prashar, there is also a temple besides the oval shaped lake. The lake is also famous for a small circular island on its surface, which keeps on changing location from time to time. Apart from that the depth of the lake hasn’t been mapped yet. The trek leads through a forest trail and offers the trekkers to leave their worries behind.
Difficulty Level: Easy


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