Experience 24 Hours In God’s Own Country

Experience 24 Hours In God’s Own Country
A houseboat experience in Kerala is surreal Photo Credit: Shutterstock

God’s Own Country is more than just beaches and the sea

Simrran Gill
October 21 , 2019
17 Min Read

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Kerala, is abode to not just abundant wildlife but also is home to cultures, varied food platters, history, beaches and a strange sense of serenity. It’s called God’s Own Country rightly so. While it is difficult to map the state in a single visit or just a handful of days, one can always experience it in parts, giving each place the deserved time and attention. We tell you how you can spend 24 hours in Kochi, the city known to all.


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A group of 14 islands together, Kadamakudy has something for everybody. The best out of all being witnessing a sunrise here. For a brief minute, before the sun comes out completely, the horizon turns pink/purple and we can vouch for that being the highlight of your day. Taking a quite stroll post the sunrise is something that’ll make your day better too. One also has the option to take a stroll through the local fish market and village along with paddy fields in the backdrop. Kadamakudy Islands are also a delight for bird watchers as various migratory birds make their presence felt here throughout the year.


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Kerala has supremely rich platter when it comes to options for eating. Right from a homely cooked Sadya to mutton stew with parotta, Malayalis love their meals and rice too much. There are many tiny outlets across Kochi and we suggest that you choose a faint outlet like for breakfast. The warmth with which the food is cooked and served will be an addition to the dash of flavours. There are multiple other options other than dosa and idlis. We suggest that you move over it and try some local breakfast items, such as puttu (a dish made out of ground rice) with kadala curry or appam with mutton/chicken/vegetable stew or go for the multi dish sadya that includes everything from rice to side dishes pickels and desserts.  


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Kochi has stood the test of time and tales and has emerged to be a cultural hub with a quaint old world charm. In order for a traveller to get a taste of this old world charm, Jew Town is your place to be. Carrying within itself an aura of quaintness and culture, Jew Town is famous for antiques, vintage items, collectibles, souvenirs to take back and aromatic spices. While in Jew Town, fragments of history follow you everywhere. Also we would suggest you grab a small bite or a cup of coffee at the outdoor, artsy cafes here, some of which are located in the heritage buildings. After Jew Town we suggest that you go to Kumbalanghi. Located at a short drive from Kochi, amongst the backwaters, it is modern day tourism village with a traditional Keralan village, mangrove forests and Chinese fishing nets. In order to get to know the local life, this is the perfect way. In case you do not wish to visit Kumbalanghi, one can also enjoy a soulful dance performance in one of the theatres. Not just Kathakali,but various other art forms are a part of Kerala’s cultural vastness. Choose the performance you wish to attend and render your soul free.


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Being a coastal city, Kochihas a lot on its plate in terms of sea food and variety of curries and rice. We say you gorge on the sea delicacies God’s Own Country has to offer. Delectable fish curries and the traditional ultra soft parotta to go with it. The food here is a slow cooked so that all flavours are absorbed and reflect well. We suggest that you grab lunch either at Paragon (Lulu Mall) or at Al Reem Kuzhimandi (in Nedumbassery). Post lunch we suggest that you head for an Ayurvedic therapy and rejuvenation. The aroma of essential oils and the proximity to natural calmness looks like an ideal afternoon and great indulgence. Thereafter, a quiet afternoon with some rest sounds ideal for you to enjoy the coastal city even more in the evening.    


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Before you head out for the evening we suggest that you head to the Marine Drive near the High Court area and grab a kulukki. We’ll leave the surprise element of what a kulukki is till you reach there. Their way of serving is quite unique and will help your break your nap residue, if any. Wouldn’t it be a sin to come to a coastal city and not enjoy the sea breeze? Ensuring your sea visit we say you head to either the Cherai Beach or Kuzhupilly beach, both of which are equally stunning. In case you are looking for something less commercial and a little far away from the main city, Bolgatty Island or the Bhoothathankettu dam are great options too. Both these spots are untouched by the city conundrum and offer a spectacular view of the sea. After a good dose of the sea breeze, Fort Kochi has to be your next stop. No, it’s not a monument or a walled area, rather a vibrant street that is set amongst the heart of the city. Give yourself a chance to soak in the city’s vibe here. We also suggest that you grab your dinner in Fort Kochi, either at Hotel Seagull or Kashi Café. Do not miss to treat yourself to the chocolate cake at Kashi café, no matter where you have your dinner.

While one can never get enough of Kerala or run out of options as to what should one do next, you can look up here of how you’d like to spend your coastal vacay.

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