Experience 24 Hours In Chandigarh

Experience 24 Hours In Chandigarh
Rock Garden in Chandigarh , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Chandigarh vouches for clean air and a gastronomic joy ride. Here is how you should spend 24 hours here

Simrran Gill
October 14 , 2019
14 Min Read

Set in the foothills of the Shivalik range, Chandigarh is not unheard of. Extremely well planned and perfectly executed by Le Corbusier, the city was envisioned so by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. The conundrum and calm come together at the ‘City Beautiful’. The city is both active and laid back at the same time. While a part of the city is filled with natural reserves, its nightlife and ‘gedi route’ are no less. If you thought the only thing to see in Chandigarh is the Rock Garden, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you have 24 hours in Chandigarh, here’s how you should spend it:


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Chandigarh, as we know, has been neatly divided into sectors, with each sector housing a market of its own. While visiting the city, one gets indulged in a gastronomical affair. Plenty of options, varied menus and lip smacking dishes are what one can gorge on. There are plenty of options available to choose the breakfast menu from but we suggest you head to either Katana dhaba or Pahalwan Parantha point. Both these places are wholesome for a full fledged Punjabi breakfast topped with love. And the best part is how breezy they are on the pocket.


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The city’s historical, artistic and nature trail is something that is extremely prominent throughout. Chandigarh’s National Gallery of Portraits houses a legacy of portraits, busts, sculptures, images, prints of rare documents, photos and paintings based on India’s independence struggle. We suggest you check out the Independence struggle through the 41 information panels that the main hall exhibits. The collection also houses the prints of newspapers and photographs. After the museum, we suggest you visit the Le Corbusier Centre to admire displays and exhibits the life and works of Le Corbusier, the architect who conceptualised the city six decades ago. The space where the Centre stands currently was used by the Swiss-French architect as his office back in the day.


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The clean air in Chandigarh can be credited to various plantation drives, the cleanliness and the waste management. One such example is the long standing Rock Garden by nek chand. Made completely out of industrial and household waste and discarded items the garden has been there for more than six decades now and is a must visit atleast once. One should also not miss the man made waterfall too. In case you have already been to the Rock Garden, you can also head to the Pinjore Gardens, which is a short drive away. An example of Mughal and Jat Sikh architecture joining hands, the garden is a 17th century marvel. Post this we suggest you grab some pocket friendly lunch at the Chinese Market is Sector 15. Right from the ‘desi’ chowmein to all sorts of non vegetarian delicacies, one can find everything here. The place has multiple small outlets, each equally great. Post lunch we suggest taking a little rest for the evening lined up ahead.


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Before heading out for the evening we suggest you do not miss the evening tea/coffee at the Stu-C (Student Centre) at the Panjab University campus. The centre is equally flocked by all and is a great place to absorb the student culture and some delectable snacks. You could also try the good old Indian Coffee House tooChandigarh being a nature lover’s dream city is very cycle friendly and easily accessible too. In case you love to cycle and wish to explore the city like a local, borrow a cycle and head to various check dams located within the vicinity of the city. These dams include Siswan and Jainti Devi amongst the others. In case you do not wish to head to these dams the good old gedi route is always perfect for a drive. Just some good music and the drive comes alive. You could also head to the Nepli Forest Reserve to soak in the best of Chandigarh’s natural reserve. However, if do not wish to drive/ride at all, enjoy a soothing or gripping (depending on what is playing) performance at the Tagore theatre.


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While you’ve had a long day exploring the city, there is no better spot than ending your day with a stroll or by simply sitting at the Sukhna Lake. While it’ll be flocked by the local-ites by the evening, find yourself a quiet spot in the hustle bustle of the evening and unwind. Post that we suggest you grab a scrumptious dinner in the city (which sectors). The options here will leave you spoilt for choice, however, not disappointed. Depending upon your taste buds, mood and budget choose a menu to indulge in. One can also get a slice of the city’s nightlife at various places (sectors). Grab a couple of drinks and let the vibe of the city get to you. In case you wish to relive the morning Punjabi vibe, you should head to Nukkad Dhaba (within the city) or Sethi Dhaba (in Zirakpur). Both these places serve authentic Punjabi food along with their happy faces. Also we suggest that you end your night by grabbing ice cream from either Softy’s corner or Le Gaufres. Their elaborate menu is something that everybody would cherish.

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