Spooktober Special: Myths Surrounding Haunted Sites in India

Spooktober Special: Myths Surrounding Haunted Sites in India
These stories will give you a chill up your spine, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

As we enter Spooktober (as October is called because it's the month of Halloween), buckle in and add these stories to your next round of campfire horror tales

Sahana Iyer
October 01 , 2020
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Sitting alone in the dark, watching a horror movie strikes only one kind of thought in your mind: ‘Why would you walk towards the eerie building? Why would you open that door? Why wouldn’t you simply avoid it at all costs?’. And you are right. If even the thought of stranger eyes darting through the darkness makes you jump out of the skin, you might want to avoid these real-life haunted places in India. 

This road may be one you want to avoid (Representative Image)

Baytakhol, Goa

Goa is the party capital of the country. Nights are alive in the state with hundreds of people on the streets. However, there are those few roads that eerily contrast the vivid makeup of Goa. Baytakhol is one such road. The road connects Dhavali and Bori and is considered to be haunted by a woman. The popular myth says that a woman is seen on the road crying for help and when one crosses her path and looks back, the road is completely empty. Many accidents have occurred on this road, apparently due to this ‘event’. Screams and chilling laughter is also apparently common sounds on the road. 

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Tunnel 33, Barog, Shimla

Amongst the scenic beauty of the mountains is a tiny tunnel named after the British engineer Captain Barog, hired to originally build it under the British rule. This tunnel is considered to be haunted by the ghost of the engineer, who is often considered to be seen around the site. According to the local story, the tunnel was supposed to connect Shimla and Kalka, however was not constructed successfully. In response, Barog was charged a fine and the humiliation of the unsuccessful attempt led the captain to commit suicide. His corpse was buried at the tunnel. 

A view of MG Road in Bangalore

Call centre on MG Road, Bangalore

This one might make you question your routes while travelling in Bangalore at night. The area around the call centre on MG Road is considered to be a haunted space due to the gruesome story attached to it. As the story goes, a young woman working at the call centre was killed in a case of drunk driving. Instead of offering help, the driver fled the scene, leaving the woman screaming on the road. Myths say that people can hear her screaming every year on that very night. Not a pretty sight while going to work. 

The Savoy Hotel is a popular haunted site in the country (Representative Image)

Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

One of the popular sights to be considered haunted in India, Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie even inspired mystery author Agatha Christie for her first novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920). The story that drove the hotel to popularity was the death of Lady Garnet Orme, a British spiritualist on the property. The spiritualist was murdered because someone added strychnine in her medicine bottle. And the doctor tending to her was also found dead in similar circumstances. It is believed that many ghosts haunt the corridors of the hotel.

This highway is often avoided by travellers

Ranchi Jamshedpur National Highway 33, Jharkhand

Apparently, prayers are not enough to get you safely past this road. Many actually offer their wishes at the Van Devi Temple in Jamshedpur in order to ensure safe passage. However, the unbelievable number of accidents on this stretch of the highway prove that prayers are just not enough. The story surrounding the haunted highway is that a woman is seen asking for help on the road, right in the middle. In order to avoid hitting the woman, many vehicles have swerved and ended up in bad accidents themselves. Many people in the area prefer to avoid the route altogether.

This picnic may be unlike any other you've been to (Representative Image)

Hahim Picnic Spot, Assam

A haunted picnic spot sounds like a frame right out of a horror movie you don’t want to be in. This is the exact situation at hahim picnic spot in Assam. The place is lined with lush greenery and is an ideal picnic spot aside from one simple difference- the unnatural sounds and events that occur on this premises. Witnesses have claimed to have heard strange noises and seen abnormal sightings that transform a beautiful daytime picnic into an eerie night time space for visitors.


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