Millennial Travel: Here Are The Hottest Trends!

Millennial Travel: Here Are The Hottest Trends!
We update you with all the hot travel trends for millenials , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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October 10 , 2019
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Indigenous food items are back to make your travel better
After years of homogenisation, native chefs are reviving centuries-old food cultures. Take the Oraon Ajam Emba, in Jharkhand, that uses finger millet flour and the rare Rugda mushrooms, or the Native American resurrection of bison, cedar fronds, and corn silk tea.

The surprise quest for destinations is a millenial trend to follow
The best way to truly take time off? Take a mystery vacation. Let the tour operators organise everything, from bookings to itineraries, and align common interests. Most reveal the destination on the day of travel. Come on, be bold.


Who thought not having an accommodation could be fun?
A ‘microcation’ in an RV trailer is the stuff of dreams. It offers complete independence; no need to hunt for accommodation, or deal with the madding crowds.

Carry unusual souvenirs back home

Gone are the days for off-the-rack souvenirs. Personalised and environmentally-friendly memorabilia is all we wish to keep.

Dating apps are more than just a fling

We’re getting saucy in more ways than one. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Happn are now ‘what-you-make-it’ portals for finding local buddies, visiting unusual nooks and crannies, or even bagging a free meal. The best aspect is the personal touch each date brings to the unfamiliar.

Choose to cruise and make your travel exciting

Cruises are being hot wired with a new look, courtesy niche adventures that cater to young obsessions. Doctor Who, veganism, lucha libre, craft beer, rock bands—even a transatlantic fashion week! Pick whatever floats your boat.


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