5 Things To Do When In Puducherry

5 Things To Do When In Puducherry
Puducherry has a lot going on Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The former French settlement has more than just colourful walls

Simrran Gill
May 09 , 2023
02 Min Read

Beautiful houses, great brunch options, serene beaches.... that's what Puducherry would look like to a first timer. But once you get on that bike and start exploring, you will find many interesting things to do. Here's how you should plan out your day.

Early Morning Strolls Along The Coast 


If you are an early riser, Puducherry will be a delight for you. Situated on the Eastern Coast, the town witnesses breathtaking sunrises. Rock Beach is the perfect place to sit down, pause and see a sunrise, while the waves strike the rocks and splash water on your face. We suggest you find a quiet spot and cherish the moment. The shore line extends over an entire road giving you ample space for a stroll later on.

Breakfasts at Auroville 

You will be spoilt for choice when looking at breakfast options in Puducherry. From local cuisine to the best Continental platters, there is a lot on offer. We suggest that you go organic and head to Auroville for breakfast. They serve up the lightest ragi dosas, chutneys made from fresh produce, and soulful organic drinks. Also visit the Auroville Bakery to try their ultra amazing desserts and natural syrups (which are available for purchase too). After your hearty breakfast, stroll through the tiny Auroville market. Light cotton clothes, bags, charms and souvenirs is what you should look out for here. 

Heritage Trails At Arikamedu

Six kilometres south of Puducherry, by the banks of the Ariyankuppam River, lie the ruins of Arikamedu (ironically, the ‘eroding mount’) a collection of perpendicular walls and a mission house, further devastated by the cyclone of 2012. What’s now a coastal palm grove was a once-thriving maritime port dating to the 2nd century BCE, which had significant bead-making traditions and strong trade links to Rome. The forlorn museum onsite has some of the artefacts—lamps, glassware, gems, jewellery—excavated here by the controversial archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler in the mid-1940s. More such artefacts can be found among the Chola and Pallava treasures of the frequently overlooked Government Museum in town.

Birdwatching at Ousteri

The Ousteri bird sanctuary, designated an important Asian wetland by IUCN and an Important Bird Area by BNHS (but sadly neglected), is located 10 kilometres outside Pondy on the Villupuram road, some of its 390 hectares spilling into Tamil Nadu. The tank here, by some accounts constructed during the late Vijayanagara period and connected via the Suthukanni channel to Gingee, supplies drinking water to the urban agglomeration. A BNHS census recorded 25,000 birds of 44 species at Ousteri in 1998, including residents like the cotton teal and white ibis, and large numbers of migratory species like the Eurasian Wigeon.

Experience the Cafe Culture

Laidback, lotus-eating Pondy is best seen in its cafés. So saunter over and enjoy home-style crêpes and croissants; try organic smoked tofu sandwiches with iced tea, order hibiscus coolers, and have the best coffee with sublime cheesecakes. Be sure to take your time!

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