Here's How You Can Experience 24 Hours in Puducherry

Here's How You Can Experience 24 Hours in Puducherry
Pondicherry is more than just yellow walls, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The former French settlement has more than just yellow walls...

Simrran Gill
October 08 , 2019
15 Min Read

Yellow walls, great breakfast options and serene beaches and more yellow walls is what Puducherry would look like to a first timer. But once you get on that bike and start exploring, you’ll see a grounded town, with a humble population and a town with positive vibes. A little distance away from Puducherry lies Auroville, a town dedicated for human unity. One needs to soak the sunlight in and let the peace and calm of Auroville and Puducherry do its magic. With plenty of options available in 24 hours in Puducherry, we tell you how to spend it so that you can make the best of this short trip:


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If you are an early riser, Puducherry will be delight for you. Situated on the Eastern Coast, the town witnesses breathtaking sunrises. The Rock beach is the perfect place to sit down, pause and witness a sunrise, while the waves strike the rocks and splash water on your face. We suggest you find a quiet spot and cherish the moment. The shore line extends an entire road giving you ample space for a stroll later on.


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Considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast is an absolute essential here. While you have the option of going for a full English breakfast, we suggest that you go organic and head to Auroville for breakfast. Auroville is situated about 20 minutes from Puducherry. Ragi dosas, chutneys made from fresh produce and soulful organic drinks are what you should have. Don’t be surprised if you are served in earthen utensils here. Everything you will find Auroville is giving something back to the earth in some way or the other. After breakfast we suggest you head to the Auroville Bakery to try their ultra amazing desserts and natural syrups (which are available for purchase too). All produce in Auroville is fresh as the owners have their farms. Eating doesn’t get any better here. After your hearty breakfast and dessert, our pick is to take a small diversion and stroll through the tiny Auroville market. Light cotton clothes, bags, charms and souvenirs is what you should look out for here. One can carry multiple quirky trinkets back home from here. After the little shopping spree, you should head to the visitor’s centre in Auroville, where the Matri Mandir is located. What’s inside the Matri Mandir, we’ll leave it a surprise. Once inside the Visitor’s centre you’ll get to know more about Auroville, its existence and purpose. You should also visit the stores within the centre’s premises.


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Your last bit in Auroville includes the lunch here unless you plan either to head back to Pondicherry or decide to spend a little extra time in Auroville. The goodness of fresh produce comes alive here and definitely enhances the taste of what’s on your plate. For lunch we suggest you head either to Bread and Chocolate or Tanto’s depending upon what you wish to eat. If you are in a mood for experimenting with Vietnamese cuisine (you will love it we are sure), head to Bread and Chocolate without a doubt. In case you wish to stick to woodstock pizzas and delectable pastas, Tanto is your calling. One can also head back to Puducherry and indulge in some authentic South Indian food at Surguru or engage in a full French lunch at Le Chateau. Post lunch we suggest you get back to your accommodation and rest for a while.


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Puducherry is heaven for those who love desserts. Before heading towards the beach, we say you pay a visit to Baker Street for a quick evening snack. Or you could also drive towards Cafe Des Arts. Both these places are a perfect testimony to the French influence in the city. After the quick bite there, hop on to the two wheeler and get set exploring Puducherry. Other than the famous yellow walls, there are many other things that one would love. Churches such as the Eglise De Notre Dame Des Anges, The Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus, cafes for their quaintness and the vibe they emit. One can also take their favourite read and simply sip on coffee and perfectly enjoy their evening. For the shopping buff in you head to the Pondy Bazaar to get your hands on souvenirs that you can carry back home. A local bazaar with the artisan’s work on display Pondy Bazaar is a one stop shop. While in the city, you will also find plenty of yellow walls for that perfect Instagram photo. One also comes across traditional Tamil houses with different coloured walls and rangolis right outside. Post the expedition, a beach therapy at the Serenity beach would totally be helpful. Located along the highway, a narrow street leads up to the beach which is only 10 minutes away from the main city. Upon reaching we suggest you climb the pathway lined with rocks to make it to the side of the beach which is less crowded.


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While the sea must have wooed you; give Puducherry’s luxury dining experience to win your heart again. For dinner, we suggest either the Coromandel Café or Villa Shanti. Mood lighting, the aroma of freshly cooked food and the breath taking architecture are only the beginners to lose your heart to. Their menu will leave you confused in terms of choice of food but nothing will disappoint you. Both the places offer a delectable menu to choose from, which includes various cuisines and their fusion. The light evening hustle along with a whiff of spices fills the air and serves as a perfect dining experience. End your dinner with the delectable ice cream at GMT, at the Promenade, right opposite the Rock Beach. While all their flavours are great, we suggest you conclude the evening with Irish whiskey ice cream.


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