A Wild Getaway

A Wild Getaway
Explore the jungles near Delhi Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Wish to escape the mundane Delhi? Here are some wildlife getaways from the city.

Anshika Nagar
October 01 , 2019
03 Min Read

From beyond your work desk, the small pitful window shows a dark canopy of buildings, with throngs of people walking around the narrow sideways and cars stuck and honking through the traffic. And then, you wish to escape or perhaps even indulge in a prettier view, perhaps one that shows no people. What better way to do that than to exchange the concrete jungle for an actual one? Imagine, a lush setting, an open-air vehicle and strong winds. A jungle teeming with wildlife beckoning you. Here are four wildlife getaways from Delhi, if the above-mentioned scenario is a fantasy you harbour. 

A rare closeup of a leopard


Rajaji National Park

Created in 1983, this picturesque escape is on the foothills of Himalaya and the Shiwalik range. Many rivers and streams flow through the forest and the grasslands, making it a perfect getaway.  The park has close to 400 species of birds including Northern Goshawk, Black-necked Stork, Scaly Thrush and Reed Bunting. We suggest you pack your trusty binoculars and cameras, for the plentiful birdlife awaits. 

Where: The National Park is 220kms from Delhi. The nearest railway station is in Haridwar and airport in Dehradun.  

When: From 15th November to 15th June 

Tickets: Rs. 150 for Indians and Rs. 600 for foreigners

 A flamboyance of flamingoes

Keoladeo National Park

Its name may have changed from Bharatpur Bird Sanctaury, but the essence still remains. Here, in one of the world’s most important bird breeding grounds, one can spot over 370 species of birds and animals. Deer, nilgai, snakes and storks are common sights. The most fun bit? The government has trained rickshaw pullers in the art of birdwatching and they help tourists spot these frilly creatures. 

Where: The nearest airport is in Agra. From there, one can drive to Bharatpur which is around 56kms. 

Tickets: Rs. 50 for Indians and Rs. 400 for foreigners

 The park's proximity to the city does nothing to diminish its beauty

Sultanpur National Park 

This one may be closer home, but it doesn’t take away from its beauty or even, potential. A day trip from home, the park gets around 90 migratory birds each year. The park has around four watch towers for peaceful birdwatching. And, there is also an educational centre for additional information. See the Gray Francolin, Indian Roller, White-throated Kingfisher, Weaver Bird, Red-Wattled Lapwing and many more. 

Where: A mere 46kms from Delhi and 15kms from Gurgaon, it is pretty easy to reach.

When: One can visit the park on all days except Tuesdays. We suggest you go in as early as 6am to spot the many birds.  

National Chambal Sanctuary

This sanctuary follows the river Chambal from Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. It is home to some of the most endangered species in India: Gharial, muggar, turtles, freshwater dolphines and otters. The river system supports many birds, fish and other mammals too. In UP, the sanctuary covers 635 sq kms and can be visited through Agra and Etawah.

Where: Agra is easily accessible by road, rail and air.  

When: From 15th November to 15th June

Tickets: Rs. 50 for Indians and Rs, 600 for foreigners


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