4 Must-Visit Cafes For Anime Geeks Around the World

4 Must-Visit Cafes For Anime Geeks Around the World
Black Foot Sanji welcoming visitors to Cafe Mugiwara Photo Credit: Tokyo One Piece Tower

From Pokemon to Dragon Ball, these cafes will have you rewatching your favourite animes

Rangeet Ghosh
September 30 , 2019
05 Min Read

Anime has been a huge part of childhood of the current Gen Y adults. Be it Pokemon, Dragon Ball, One Piece or Naruto, one has always wanted to be part of the anime world. A Pokemon master like Ash Ketchum, a Super Saiyan like Goku, a pirate like Luffy or a ninja like Naruto, we've all dreamed of such things watching the shows glued to our television screens. While you can't be a part of the shows, you can actually eat at places where you can let you inner fan boy out in Japan. If you're a true anime fan, don't forget to check out these 4 cafes in Japan.  

 A 3D painting of 'One Piece' anime characters on the floor of Cafe Mugiwara

Cafe Mugiwara

With millions of fans all over the world, One Piece is one of the longest-running anime/manga series. Fans from all over the world have definitely at some point wanted to traverse the Grand Line of One Piece with Monkey D. Luffy and the Mugiwara Pirates. The Tokyo One Piece Tower is just the place for that. A part of the Tokyo One Piece Tower, Cafe Mugiwara is the only One Piece Library Cafe in the world. The cafe not only serves delectable dishes themed on One Piece characters’ personal favourites but also provides the opportunity to catch up plots that you might have missed from its extensive collection of One Piece manga, magazines and books in six languages. The delicacies served in the cafe include Luffy’s luxurious feast sandwich, Zoro’s Santoryu Burger, Nami’s extravagant orange pancake. While there, do not miss the intricate replica of One Piece Creator, Eichiro Oda’s desk.

 A giant construction of a sky robot at the Ghibli museum

Ghibli Museum’s Strawhat Cafe 

Located near Mitaka Train Station in Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, the Strawhat Cafe is a part of the Ghibli Museum. Since the Ghibli museum is one of the most frequented places in Tokyo, tickets to the museum have to be bought a month and sometimes 2 months prior. Even after getting into the museum, there might be a line to get a table at the cafe, so be prepared for a long wait. The cafe is the only place in the Museum where photography is allowed and even then, only clicking pictures of the delicacies is permitted, not the interiors. With a pleasant ambience and good food, it is definitely worth the wait.

 A stack of pancakes topped with a branded garnish of Goku from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner

Dragon Ball is probably one of the most popular and well-known anime/manga series in the world. Every fan of Dragon Ball has at some point wished to enjoy a delectable feast like Goku. Present in two of Japan’s biggest cities, Osaka and Tokyo, Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner, provides the perfect opportunity. With specialities like pancake inspired by Goku on Flying Nimbus, cappuccinos with latte art of Dragon Ball characters, fresh spring rolls with shrimp that represents Shenlong with the 7 dragon balls etc. To make things more interesting, the cafes also have shops offering exclusive Dragon Ball Merchandise.

 Pikachu themed dish at the Pokemon cafe

Pokemon Cafe

Ash Ketchum might have become a Pokemon Master after 22 years but the series remains an all-time favourite for fans all across the world. Pokemon Cafe at Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo is the perfect place to be surrounded by your favourite Pokemon while diving into an array of dishes and sweets themed after these kawaii creatures, that makes you feel like gotta catch em all. Popular picks at the cafe include Hearty Pikachu Plate and Eevee Teriyaki Chicken Burger. The cafe also has limited period dishes from time to time like the Pikachu Halloween well spread plate 2019 and Zoroa’s Halloween Roast Beef Burger. The cafe also offers a range of Pokemon merchandise to buy from. 

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